Marketing Aspect

Topics: Marketing, Economics, Management Pages: 4 (559 words) Published: September 22, 2010

Marketing Aspect

Isaiah Mark Millanes

Wendy Encarnado

Catherine Del Rosario

Leopoldo De Honor

Maria Charlyn Balangawan

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Operations Management


I. Product

The proposed business will offer fashionable accessories with useful features called wrist- wallet. It is a combination of wrist accessory but at the same time it has also a secret wallet with detachable coin purse. It is made up of poly canvas, a type of fabric with different printed design and bids according to the taste of the customers and ideas of the designer. Like an ordinary wrist watch, it has an adjustable lock. At the back, it has a secret pocket as a place for money bill. On the one side, it has a hook where a coin purse can place.

II. Marketing Mix

i Product

ii Place

The proposed business will be located in Robinson Plaza Dasmariñas which is near to the prospective customers with other establishments and fashion outlets.

iii Promotion

Being a new entrant in a business world, one of the most difficult and critical aspect that the business will be encountered and need a lot of effort is to how the product will be going to promote and advertise.

The proponents will use some promotion strategies to persuade potential customers to purchase and patronize the product. Personal selling and sales promotions are used in order to encourage

III. Target Market

| |Fashion ‘n Style |ZULIT |GIFT & COLLECT | |STRENGTHS |The product is new in the market |They has a different variety of product | | | |It can be customized and even as personalized gift |Each of their product has a fixed usage | | | |A multi-purpose product...
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