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In the midst of this increasingly competitive food and beverage industry, food manufacturers are struggling to maintain growth and favorable sales. To maintain growth, manufactures need to seek ways to increase their market capitalization by creating new offerings and improving current products. In order for their products to appeal to specific markets, manufacturers need to actively redesign and improvise their products to be able to get a strong foothold in this industry. As such, Swiss multinational firm Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness Company has set up several research centers in China to improve local comestibles in the country such as peanut milk and congee in order to further tap into the potentially lucrative Chinese food industry (Doherty, 2012). The main marketing concept adopted by Nestlé is customer orientation. This essay will begin by analyzing customer orientation in the context of Nestlé’s attempt of developing products to comply with the local tastes. It will then discuss the reasons of implementing such initiative and a successful example of such implementation followed by its outcome. Body

Nestlé, being the biggest commercial food company in the world with a market capitalization of over $200billion seeks to position China as their second biggest market (DuBois, 2011). By setting up research centers and creating new offerings such as instant congee, Nestlé is trying to tap into the Chinese market. Congee is a type of food typically eaten for breakfast and is highly demanded in the tough working culture in China where they barely have time to prepare food themselves (Doherty, 2012). This initiative is implemented in relation to a main marketing concept, which is customer orientation. Customer orientation requires dissemination of information about customers throughout the company, strategy formulating and constantly responding to consumer needs and wants that are ever-evolving (Pride, Ferrell, Lukas,...

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