Marketing and B. Advertising C.

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Semester I (2013/2014)
Name of Examiner: Assoc Prof Lau Geok Theng

December 2013 – Time Allowed 2 Hours


1. This examination paper contains ONE (1) section and comprises TWENTY TWO (22) printed pages.

2. Answer ALL questions on the ANSWER SHEET (FORM BIZ-2) provided. Use PENCIL only.

3. The Answer Sheet (Form BIZ-2) and Booklet are to be handed in SEPARATELY.

4. Total score for this examination is 100 marks.

5. University approved calculators are allowed.

6. Please remember to write your matriculation number on this cover.

7. This is a CLOSED book examination. Students are NOT allowed to bring in any books and any amount of notes.

8. At the end of the examination, please follow the instructions given by the invigilator. DO NOT punch holes on the answer sheet.

9. Please hand in your Answer Sheet (Form BIZ-2) SEPARATELY from your booklet

MATRICULATION NUMBER: ________________________________________

SECTION A – 100% (Multiple Choice Questions)

Instructions: Please use the answer sheet (FORM BIZ-2) that is provided to answer all the questions in this section. Use PENCIL only. Do not simply draw a line, please shade the entire circle. If you made a mistake and want to erase, please erase thoroughly.

Shade your matriculation number in Section B of the answer sheet. Leave the first column blank. Shade either “A” or “U” in the second column, followed by the digits. Ignore any extra column after you have shaded the digits. Those with a letter suffix at the end of their matriculation numbers should shade that letter in the second last column.

You will be awarded 1 mark for each correct answer. No mark is deducted for incorrect or no answer.

1. The most important entity in marketing is:
A. The marketing manager
B. The salespeople
C. The customers
D. The Chief Executive Officer
E. The marketing consultants

2. The core concept or process in marketing is:
A. Selling
B. Advertising
C. Product design
D. Exchange
E. Persuasion

3. Which of the following is a need?
A. John feels hungry
B. John wants to have sandwich for lunch
C. John spent $5.00 on a pizza for lunch
D. John bought a burger with special packaging which will keep the burger warm as he wishes to eat it slowly E. John decided to skip lunch as he had a heavy breakfast

4. The Malaysian Red Cross created a series of advertisements encouraging viewers to donate blood. After viewing the advertisement, Amanda went to the local Red Cross office and donated a pint of blood. Afterwards, Amanda returned home feeling satisfied that she had performed a good deed. Was this a marketing exchange?  A. No, because the Red Cross is non-profit organization

B. Yes, because the Red Cross ran an advertisement
C. Yes, because the donated blood was exchanged for a feeling of satisfaction D. No, because no money was involved
E. No, because the Red Cross did not provide Amanda with a product

5. Zenith launched an online game in its website to help sell its new skin care product. The game allows players to win prizes and discount vouchers for the new product. Visitors can also use Twitter and Facebook to invite their friends to play the game in order to get more chance to play the game. Zenith did not have to depend wholly on media advertising to get people to play the game or to see its new product as people on social media helped to draw others to its website. This approach of marketing campaign is known as: A. Friend get friend

B. Focused marketing
C. Direct marketing
D. Relationship marketing
E. Crowdsourcing

6. Tom went to the Passport Office to renew his passport. The two photographs he brought along were rejected by the Passport Office. Fortunately, there was a photo shop in the building...
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