Marketing and White Goods Industry

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Marketing Assignment One
Discuss how the Macro-environment can affect an organisations marketing approach. Use examples of companies who produce white goods to illustrate your points.

The Macro-environment, factors outside of a firms control, have a major affect on a firms marketing approach and as a cause, these factors outside the firms control are harder to monitor, some of the factors are unpredictable and restricting. To over come this firm sets its marketing approach, also known as the Four P's (appendix 1); around the Macro-environment to ensure that a firm's product is an overall success. The Four P's approach has been criticized arguing, "That they do not take sufficient account of people, process and physical evidence." This therefore questions the reliability of the approach. In relation to the Macro-environment, a firm is able to do a PEST analysis of the factors to see how these will affect the business and its product.

This essay will consider the white goods market and how the Macro-environment affects its marketing approach. The table (appendix 1.1), highlights the PEST factors that affect the white goods marketing approach. Some are more relevant than others when looking at the white goods market. White goods are also known as durable goods. Goods of this nature "require more personal selling and support." Therefore the marketing of such goods is paramount to ensure successful sales. Precise marketing is often time consuming and costly but also rewarding if businesses aims are achieved.

Research into the white goods market shows that, " since 1997, the market has been robust and benefited from a strong economy, due to high levels of personal disposable income and an active housing market with few windfalls." This therefore emphasizes that when considering PEST analysis the economy is an important aspect when considering a marketing approach in the white goods market.

The political issues are not necessarily the most important but the most restricting to the way in which a business behaves thus the way in which it markets itself and its products. Also with the political issues legal ones are considered. The most obvious are the British Standards. British legislation set by the Government enforces overall values and attitudes. The Government has two powers it can either; control business or encourage it. Research shows that, "recent legislation has two main aims; to protect the consumer and to ensure full and fair competition" With laws in place to achieve these aims has a major effect on the ways in which products are promoted and at how much they are charged for. To overcharge a customer for a product would be going against the first aim.

Where the white goods industry is concerned, this could prove a problem although can also be of benefit to them. White goods companies like Hotpoint need to be careful when it comes to the production and promotion of their products. The products need to be specific to the purpose they are meant fulfil and satisfy consumer needs. When finding out exactly what the consumer wants and promoting the products can expensive and poses a problem as the company has to budget. Due to legislation there are advertising limitations. Recently Hotpoint have found how it can use this to its advantage and now when promoting its dishwashers has joined with the company Finish who manufacture cleaning goods, in particular dishwasher tablets. This would reduce the costs of any advertising overheads and increase both companies popularity. Trade laws pose threats when taking account overseas marketing and distribution outside of the European Union. Other countries political values need to be taken into consideration as larger white goods companies establish factories in countries where there is cheaper labour, land and resources.

As mentioned previously the Economy has the largest affect on the marketing of a company's product. A company has no...
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