Marketing and the Promotional Mix

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1. Introduction

2. Topic
2.1 Marketing mix
2.2 Elements of the promotional mix

3. Promotional activities used by the Bellevue.
3.1 Selling
3.2 Sales Promotions
3.3 Advertising
3.4 Merchandising

4. Conclusion

5. Bibliography

1. Introduction.

The outlet that this report will be based on is the Bellevue Pub (Sizzling Brand) in Blackpool. Primarily a “locals” pub the Bellevue also benefits from a wealth of passing trade as the brand suggests it is also an extensive menu and food sales are a prominent part of the business. It is situated in the heart of Blackpool where local meets tourist this gives the Bellevue unrivalled passing trade in the area. The business has a capacity of between 400-500, although the 500 figure is only reached for functions such as “band night” where the tables and chairs from the dining area are placed in on site storage to accommodate the band and customer. Although spacious the pub only has one bar and four till points. It has a large food and dining area to one side of the pub and a “vaults” area for sports and large screens. This establishment has a beer garden to the front and also a garden area/beer garden situated at the back of the pub by the car park.

2. Topic

2.1. Marketing mix.

The marketing mix is a tool used in the marketing and business industry to help businesses or individuals determine products and offers. Philip Kotler defines marketing as a set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges (Kotler 2009). In its traditional format the marketing mix contains only four main internal factors:- 1. Place. Geographic segmentation, socio-economic groups within the surrounding area and the demographic distribution. 2. Promotion. Gaining the level of demand desired by using different channels of communication. 3. Price. About supply and demands and also the techniques behind pricing, such as psychological effects. 4. Product. The tangibility ( physical presence) or the intangibility (the service/experience, something not physically present) There is an extended version of the marketing mix that was developed by Boons and Bitner to help meet the growing demands of marketing and the mix used (SBC 2013). This including these three elements:- 5. People – Not just the demographic in the area but the lifestyle of your target audience. 6. Physical evidence - attributes and services

7. Process
All of the above act as a guideline for considerations of what marketing needs to be done and could also be used as a feedback system. In this report the promotional mix and its contents will be examined within the chosen business ‘The Bellevue’. The promotional mix could be defined as a specific combination of tools and methods used for a product or a brand. Any promotional activity carried out comes under the following, although a lot of them may overlap as promotion within marketing can be complex.

2.2. Elements of the promotion mix:-

Selling – Personal form of selling by communication.
Sponsorship- Such as sports sponsors, for example Barclays Premiership football. Merchandising- Point of sales merchandising, the positioning of in house displays, posters etc. Advertising- A paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion. Sales promotion- Offers such as “limited time only” or “Limited editions”. Public relations- Communication with existing or potential customers. General publicity. Direct mail- Direct personal and non-personal communication with consumers. This report will be analysing the use of selling, sales promotions, advertising, merchandising and public relations in accordance with the BelleVue Pub and how this organisation makes use of these elements of the promotion mix to influence the consumer and their decision making process.

3. Promotion Activities used By the Bellevue.

3.1. Selling.
Within the Bellevue selling via personal communication is used with every customer...

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