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Situational Analysis

Before you embark on managing the Allgood brand for Allstar, it is important for you to understand the marketing environment. To help you gain this understanding I want you to conduct a series of analyses that should help you better understand the basic drivers of profitability for the brand. Armed with this knowledge you can then start formulating a marketing strategy and the specific tactics associated with the strategy. The first steps are as follows:

1.Read Chapters 1 -5 of the Best book.
2.Read the PharmaSim manual, paying particular attention to the types of information that is available. 3.Look at the PERIOD 0 reports. Note that many of these reports allow you to download the data into a spread sheet. This will allow you to conduct a number of “simple” analyses using the downloaded data. To be handed in.

Next using the data found in the Operating Statistics report and downloaded into a spread sheet to calculate for each of the 5 firms in the industry the following financial information. Note that PharmaSim output differs from the suggestions of Best in that PharmaSim does NOT list promotional expenses as a marketing expense. FOR THE BELOW EXERCISES AND IN ALL OTHER WORK IN THIS CLASS, PLEASE TREAT PROMOTIONAL EXPENSES AS A MARKETING EXPENSE. 1.Marketing ROS where sales are manufacturer sales, not retail sales 2.Marketing ROI

3.Marketing expenses/sales
4.Discount expenses (promotional allowances)/sales
6.Plant capacity in terms of dollars sales

Not to be handed in but for you to work on as over the course of the exercise Next collect Marketing Metrics on each of the 5 firms. These metrics should include the following information. From the Brand Awareness report collect the following information 1.Awareness levels

2.Percent of consumers who have tried the product
3.Percent of people who have tried the product conditional that they are aware of the brand 4.Percent of people who use the brand...
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