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Netflix offers movie and TV program episodes available for viewing online, or by mailing your choices via DVD or Blu-Ray. The exchange process means that you give up something in order to get something from someone. In the example here, customers pay a monthly fee in order to get movies sent to their home without any late fees. After watching the material of choice, the disc is mailed back in a postage paid envelope to a particular distribution center depending on where you live. The movie is checked in by being scanned into the company's inventory network. This tells the system to mail out the next selection the customer has chosen on their viewing list. Another service the customer gets is the ability to watch material online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Which marketing management philosophy does Netflix subscribe to?

Marketing orientation. They focus on what the customer wants. The make themselves known and better than the competition in the marketplace by cost, convenience, and service. They make a habit in listening to what the customer wants. Superior customer value is their ultimate goal. They are constantly watching their competition, and strive to offer services that others are unable to match.

How does Netflix’s approach to relationship marketing increase customer satisfaction?

They strive to please the customer by making suggestions of other material, offering fast and efficient service, and the utilization of a software known as Cinematch. This allows customers to see reviews and also allows them to share information with others. Netflix is in a place to where they must offer the highest level of customer satisfaction possible in order to retain and expand their customer base. They listen to ideas existing customers have, and offer new features that have been requested. Customers have the option to share information from their lists with their friends.

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