Marketing and Quartz

Topics: Marketing, Plumbing, Brand Pages: 4 (1038 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Executive Summary: Rawlinson is considering whether to change marketing strategy for the Quartz in order to sell 100 or 200 a day to break through the mainstream. To generate sales momentum, most important, Rawlinson should come up with tactics to encourage product trial by plumbers; secondly, demonstrate product benefit to consumer, and build premium image and sales channel with luxury property developer.

Situation Analysis:
Company: Rawlinson believed Aqualisa’s profit advantage is vulnerable because of the vanishing product/quality difference. Therefore, Rawlinson initiated product research and development to come up with the Quartz shower - a breakthrough technology far preceded other U.K. showers, which satisfied all of the consumer’s unmet needs but was simply not selling. Rawlinson worried that Quartz would look likes a niche product so that a quick action needed to turn around sales performance.

Consumer and Collaborator: Triggers and Barriers to adopt Quartz Channel| Target| Needs| Quartz| Trigger/Strength| Barrier/ Opportunity| Retail | Consumer| * Nice looking * Deliver good pressure at stable temperature * Easy to use * Don’t break down| | * Use-friendly| * Low brand awareness * Uninformed about showers and heavily rely on plumber’s recommendation| Special| Do-It-Yourselfer| * Inexpensive model * Easy to install| | | * Too expensive| | Property developer| * Reliable * Nice looking * Work in multiple setting * Price sensitive (except for luxury property developer)| half half| * To luxury developer, Quartz’s premium image could justify paying high for luxury property.| * Pricing too high to most property developers.|

Collaborator| Plumber| * A single brand to create expertise. * Like to familiarize with the service expected from a manufacture.| | * Quick and easy to install| * Reluctant to switch brand because of unknown performance. * Distrust...
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