Marketing and promotion issues in attracting students at KUIM SDN BHD

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Nowadays there is more than 500 private Higher Learning Education Institution (PHEI) in Malaysia offering certified academic programs from certificate level to Philosophy Doctorate. The PHEI restricted under Private Higher Learning Institutions Act (1996), Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) Act 2007 which replaced National Accreditation Board (LAN) 1996, University and University Colleges (Amendment) Act 1996, National Higher Education Fund Corporation Act 1997 (Disney and Adlan,2000).PHEI monitored through Ministry of Higher Learning under Management Sector of (SP-PHEI) can deliver academic quality, which involved premises, educations and education centre, management systems, student services financial capabilities and security. PHEI is becoming popular among Malaysian citizen when Public Higher Education Institute (PHI) not capable to offer enough education places to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) leavers. Furthermore, after Malaysian Government announces that SPM leavers with a minimum of three subjects with credits be able to join the PHEI. This has made the number of PHEI growth higher and at one time, the number is near to 706 in year 2001. Because of too many complaints received from parents and public about the quality of PHEI students and graduates, a strict enforcement from the Ministry of Higher Learning has resulted the number of active PHEI has decline to 559 in year 2014. Another reason of the declining number of Public Higher Education Institution is the number of Public Higher Institution and others Government related Institution has increase. Nowadays the PHEI market left only 1/3 out the total number of SPM leavers. This is why some of the PHEI focus towards the international market.

In this industry, PHEI used their competitive advance where some of them based on the product price, promotion and place. In marketing KUIM during it early time was done by public Relation Unit. Since the industry become more competitive, in 2010 the management had proposed to KUIM’s Board of Directors to create additional post, which is Marketing Assistant officer. The board of Directors had granted the proposal, where the Marketing Assistant Officer did all marketing responsibilities. Based on the outcomes the management is not satisfied with the number of new students. Referring to others PHEI, marketing was designed to one specific department which led by Marketing Manager. Since its establishment in 1994, KUIM had mixed trend in its student enrolment. The highest increase is in 1997, which 118%. This is due to introduction of the new Diploma program such as Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Islamic Studies with Human Resource Development and Diploma in Finance. The student enrolment trend is moving downward until year 2000 where it decreased to (16.86%). It is because during the 1998 until 2000 KIM failed to comply with the private Higher Education Institution Act (1996) and education Act (1996). The rebranding to KTIM give an impact towards the student enrolment in 2001 increased by 73.11% (refer Table 1.3). The enrolment growth continues but the percentage decrease. Though KTIM had introduced various new Diploma in Counseling, Diploma in Law and Syaria’, Diploma in Business Information System, Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma Electronic Engineering, Diploma in Usuluddin and Diploma in Tahfis Wal Qiraat. The rebranding to KUIM gives increase e to impact towards the student enrolment in 2010 increased by 52.46. The enrolment growth continues but the percentage decreased by 0.99(refer table 1.3) and Though KUIM Strategic had introduction various new bachelor entrepreneurship, bachelor finance and bachelor counseling. Table 1.3 also shows the actual student fail to meet forecasted figure as per KUIM’s Business Plan. For example in 2004 actual student enroll less by 12 students forecasted, in 2005 also less...
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