Marketing and Indirect Exporting Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Birth control, Condom Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: February 3, 2006
Advertising and promotion:

Egypt ranks very high among developing countries, with 324 radios per 1,000 people, 122 television sets per 1,000, and 40 newspapers per 1,000. However, high costs of broadcast media advertising present a major obstacle, even when regulations prohibiting advertising for pharmaceuticals are waived. Some broadcast contraceptive advertising did appear for government and NGO services, but not commercial services. Pharmacies depend instead on outdoor signs, reaching limited audiences. Competition contraceptive alternatives are very limited. Female sterilization is unavailable except for specific medical conditions. Other women use pills or injectables.

Government participation at the market place:

Prices of all registered pharmaceuticals are controlled by the government. The price of any given contraceptive brand is usually the same, whether it is offered in the public, or commercial sector. Condoms are the most used form of contraception in Egypt for un married couples. It is almost impossible to calculate the social marketing effect of condoms because of the above reason. Egypt there is one pharmacy for every 4,000 people meaning that the probability of accessing a condom is difficult.

5.Preliminary Marketing Plan:

1 ) The Marketing Plan :

A ) Marketing Objectives :
Targeted Market :
We are segmenting the market following the Mass Customization because condom is a contraceptive product used by 20 to 40 years old males. Durex condoms are providing a full product line to satisfy different needs and (love for young people, avanti for the people who has allergic to latex material)

2-3.Expected sales:
We are expecting to sell our product to males of an age range 20 to 40 years so we target less than half of the population in Egypt, in this case by informing the people about the advantages of using Durex. We are planning to be leader of Egyptian market and maximize our income in the long-term period....
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