Marketing and Consumer Generated Data

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Intelliseek is a company which has had large success attracting corporate clients with its mining of consumer generated data on the internet. It would help my company by providing vital information and feedback from Customers on their feelings about brands, products, or the corporation itself. Such data can be very useful for public relations as well as marketing purposes. It provides the Marketing Manager an inside and real-time look into consumer perspective of our brand/product. It enables researchers to monitor and analyze key company activities, market trends, and emerging technologies within the footwear industries. With the use of videos and photos, it helps company to match needs to target groups. It can also help with a launch of a new product. The Negative issues become a learning tool that can address to improve the consumer perception of the brand, helping to steer PR, messaging and new product developments. The major problem for Intelliseek is that the bottom line is lacking. The costs of delivering a service are high and customer retention is low. The customers that are retained increase the costs of delivery due to “tailored” package needed. According to Nazzaro and Blackshaw, the cause of low retention is that the clients were unsure what actions to take based on Intelliseek feedback. This resulted into a low use of the product and low repeat business. Exhibit 9 in the article confirms this statement. In a research Intelliseek scored 3.4 / 5 on “impact of info” and “value of relationship”. This is a huge impact on their brand image.

Consumer Generated Data (CGD) is on the high with Blackshaw estimating that as many as 100 million blogs had already been posted with that number expected to grow in 2005 for at least the next several years. According to Intelliseek research, there is a 90% average level of trust from consumer generated data. This compares...
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