Marketing and Coca-cola

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1.1 Assignment Objective
This case discusses how Coca-Cola’s Re-entry was successful into China Market. It has benefited great success throughout the re-entry by Localization Strategies and Marketing and Advertising Strategies. In order to seal the restrictive policies, Coke cooperated closely with China government. Coke was also developed the best suited strategies by the local managers, so that can avoid the culture barriers.(Jampani, 2004)

1.2 Case overview
Coke re-entry to China Market in 1979 by selling imported products after China announced the "open door policy". At the beginning, it only can sell to foreigners, and then Coke got the permission to develop the production through joint ventures with government. With the Coke's expends of distribution and the changes of government policies, in 1999, it operated 28 bottling plants. Over the years, because of the successful Localization Strategies and excellent Advertising& Promotions, China became Coke's second largest market in Asia in 2003.(Coke Annual Report,2003)

1.3 Case Issues
Coke imported cans and bottles can only sell to foreigners, the initial bottling plants were built by Coca-Cola Company but handed over to China Government because of the restrictive policies and had to produce the local product in addition due to the “anti-monopoly” policy. It also developed the non-carbonated beverages to cater to Chinese flavors. And then Coke faced the distribution problems, due to the large geographical, Coke had to give up the "direct store delivery" method. On the other hand, Coke also faced the communication barriers because the different languages and cultures.(Jampani, 2004)

2.0 SWOT Analysis

2.1 Strength
A) Brand Recognition
Coca-Cola as an image deeply in customers' heart, is the largest beverage industry in nowadays. It operates more than 300 bottling plants and sells the products over 200 counties. Coca-Cola become No.1 beverage...
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