Marketing and British Airways

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1: The marketing Process
1.1 Marketing research
1.2 Situation Analyses S.W.O.T
1.2.1 Strengths
1.2.2 Weaknesses
1.2.3 Opportunities
1.2.4 Threats
1.3 Marketing Strategy
1.4 Marketing Mix
1.5 Implementation and Control

2. Marketing Orientation
2.1 Customer -Centric Alignment
2.3 Sales Orientation
2.4 Production Orientation
2.5 Product Orientation
2.6 Marketing orientation

3.1 Macro environmental factors
3.1.1Political/Legal Factors
3.1.2 Economic Factors
3.1.3 Social Factors
3.1.4 Technological Factors
3.2 Micro Environmental
3.2.1 Market Analyses
3.2.2 Competitor Analyses
3.2.3 Customer Analyses

4.1 Market segmentation
5.1 Targeting Strategy
6.1 Buyer Behaviour
7.1 Positioning
7.2 Positioning Process:

The scope of this report is to understand the concept, principles and process of marketing. We should explain each elements of the marketing; evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a specific organisation. We will show how the macro and micro environmental factors which have influenced on marketing decisions of this organisation.

Introduction of the organisation
British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom. It is the largest airline in the UK based on fleet size, international flights and international destinations. British Airways was considered the largest UK airline by passenger numbers from its creation in 1974 until 2008, when it was displaced by low-cost rival Easy Jet. Since its inception, British Airways has been centred at its main hub at London Heathrow Airport, with a second major hub at London Gatwick Airport. -------------------------------------------------

British Airways (BA) operates international and domestic scheduled and charter air services for the carriage of passengers, freight and mail and the provision of ancillary services. The airline flies to over 550 destinations globally and is considered to be a leader in the industry. -------------------------------------------------

British Airways Vision: To be the world’s global airline To be feasible To be the best and Putting people first -------------------------------------------------
Mission: “In every person’s mind the first thing to come for travelling by air should be British Airways” -------------------------------------------------






TASK 1: Explain the various elements of the marketing process

1: The marketing Process
Marketing starts by identifying the needs of customers. A business then seeks to meet those needs by making the right products available when customers want to purchase and at prices they are prepared to pay.

Understand Customers Needs and Wants

Design a Customer- Driven Market Strategy
Build Profitable Relationships
Construct a Marketing Programme
Capture value from Customers

1.1 Marketing research
It is a process in which there is systematically gathering of data from customers to identify their needs. It’s the format which enables British Airways to identify the key information.

To maintain control needed for obtaining accurate information, marketers approach marketing research in logical steps.

* Problem definition- focuses on uncovering the nature and boundaries of a negative or positive situation or question. * Hypotheses- an informed guess or assumption about a certain problem or set of circumstances * The kind of hypotheses being tested determines which approach will be used for gathering general data: exploratory, descriptive or causal. * After collecting data to test their hypotheses, marketers...

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