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The following is a promotional plan for’s overall advertising efforts and to introduce more traditional media into their advertising campaigns. This report will be sets out promotional strategy for the next calendar year, the report aims to accomplish the following objectives: * To increase web traffic flow by 50% and price competitively against competitors * To increase 2011 sales by 25% based on 2010 net profit

* To establish and increase brand awareness of culture , promote web coupon lifestyle and slogan “we bring good deals to you” The target markets for this campaign are for people to be aware of the lifestyle of purchasing coupons on the web, particularly it savvy people (primary market). The message will be: “” is the brand which integrates daily lifestyle with web coupon purchasing experience. The slogan will be “we bring good deals to you”. The budget for this campaign will be SGD$100,000. The main media for the campaign will be outdoor media marketing, MRT advertisements, PR advertisements and newspaper advertisements. It is believed that with these promotions we can achieve the objectives we want to meet. We will closely monitor the marketing environments and all other factors that will affect the successfulness of this promotional plan. This report will be a fully detailed promotional plan, equipped with budget planning, promotional schedule and previews of the campaigns we are planning. This report aims to send one unified message to promote’s culture.

This promotional plan is prepared for, which is an online promotion and advertising company which aims to bring daily value deals right to the comfort of your home in front of the computer. They provide online consumers with a deal to buy items at a significant discount of 50%-90% off the actual price. However, the deals would require a minimum number of buyers in a 24hour time period to be active. was established in the first quarter of 2010 and in a short span of 3 quarters, it grew from 20000USD to a million dollar company. Currently they are operating at very high potential, however are still lacking many marketing tools which will bring them to maximum potential and outdo competitors.

Marketing mix analysis
Coupons bearing successful international brand names which are known to many consumers and have high demand for services, these coupons will provide the consumer with a more affordable and valuable purchase. E.g. Mary Chia Spa. Price

The price of the coupons depends on the product available and the range of the discount is usually varied up to 50% if there are no special promotions. This is a discounted price for the same value of an in-store purchase. Place (distribution)

Buying top listing on search website list (e-commerce) or preach customer in areas likely to have online shoppers. Promotion has been focusing all their advertising efforts and publicity on web based advertising and social media. They have ruled out the traditional media and have not included it in any campaigns, we intend to utilize this absence and convert it into advantage. People

Choosing the right person for the job. Decent looking personal will be sales person, they are well spoken will close deals while creative employees will create proposals. Process
Since there are must be minimum buyer before discount is given, we will try to lower the benchmark. Physical evidence
We will rent an office in CBD area to give client a good impression. Staff approaching clients and customers must be seen in at least a branded wear.

Company analysis
Assessment of the firm’s promotional organisation
All the current recent advertising and promotional activities are ran by the company’s marketing department. Being a fairly new company, the department runs on low profile away from the lights of the...
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