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[Enter Business Name Here]

Business Plan

Telephone: [Phone Number]
Contact: [Your Name]


[Confidentiality Statement]



[Summary of financial needs]

Executive Summary

[Company information]

[Market opportunity]

Benefits to the Community

Economic Development

[Describe jobs created by the business]

[How will purchases for the business help other local businesses?]

[Any additional information]

Community Development

[How will the company's goods/services help the community?]

[Any additional information]

Human Development

[How will the business help its employees?]

[Any additional information]

Company Analysis

Form of Business Ownership

[Will your business be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation? Why?]

[Describe any necessary licenses or permits and your plans for obtaining them.]

[Will yours be an independent business, a takeover of an existing business, an expansion of an existing business, or a franchise?]

[Any additional information]

About the Company

[If you are taking over or expanding an existing business, describe any relevant history.]

[How will the business satisfy customer needs?]

[How did you choose and develop the company's products/services, and how are they unique?]

[Any additional information]

Industry Analysis

[In what industry does the business operate?]

[Who are the competitors?]

[Have any other businesses recently entered or exited the industry?]

[How will the business be profitable, and what are the growth opportunities?]

[Describe any e-business opportunities.]

[Any additional information]

Management Team

[Who are the key members of the business team?]

[How will the company be structured?]

[How is the team balanced in terms of skills?]

[What is the company's management philosophy and culture? What is your leadership style?]

[Describe the key management positions and compensation for those positions.]

[What other professionals will assist the management team?]

[Any additional information]

Manufacturing and Operations Plan

Location and Space Requirements

[Where is the planned location?]

[Discuss the location's proximity to customers and suppliers.]

[Discuss tax rates and zoning requirements for the location.]

[Discuss transportation issues.]

[Discuss utility costs.]

[Will you rent, lease, or purchase the facility?]

[Any additional information]


[Will you rent or purchase equipment?]

[Any additional information]

Labor Force

[Discuss the local labor pool. Is there a sufficient quantity of skilled people to meet the business's needs?]

[Discuss wage rates and unionization issues.]

[Any additional information]

Inventory Control

[How will you control quality, inventory, and production?]

[Any additional information]

Purchasing Requirements

[Will you make or purchase component parts to be assembled into the finished product?]

[Any additional information]

Subcontractors and Suppliers

[Who are your potential subcontractors and suppliers?]

[Any additional information]

Labor Force

Labor Requirements

[How many employees are needed? Full time or part time?]

[What are the job qualifications?]

[Will you have written job descriptions?]

[What will you pay your employees? How does that compare with the going rate in your region and industry?]

[Any additional information]

Selection, Orientation, and Training

[Do you have a job application form?]

[What criteria will you use in selecting employees?]

[What orientation process will there be for new employees?]

[How will new employees be trained?]

[Any additional information]

Evaluation, Policies, and Rules

[How will employees be evaluated?]

[Will authority be delegated to employees?]

[How will you discipline...
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