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Topics: Obesity, Low-carbohydrate diet, Weight loss Pages: 8 (2137 words) Published: May 31, 2014
MKT 245
Professor Brian Hardy
April 6, 2014
When given the opportunity to pick a product and write a report on it I jumped at the opportunity to ensure the goal of this report is to discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of a non-prescription dietary supplement that promotes weight loss. I will discuss the ones that are approved as well as not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. I have accumulated very useful facts that will strengthen my decision on recommending such a product and what the cost would be, how society pushes skinny as the “in thing” and what the possible side effects of the ingredients that a person can have as well as how readily available it is in the nearby super market.

From TV commercials to the latest Vogue magazine you constantly see the added push to be skinny. You are told by kids your own age or even adults that no one will love you if you are overweight. A commercial comes on and it is about a new diet pill that will allow you to drop weight fast and will cause you to fall in love with some. Those ads are the main reason why a person would want to go and try anything and everything to cause them to be skinny. As you get older you are wiser when it comes to such advertisements but a young teen up to early twenties are more willing to buy these products because they see it on TV so it must be real. With skinny bodies on the rise of want haves the purchase of diet pills is higher than ever however depression can over take a young teenager if the diet pill they purchased fails and the teen or young adult did not achieve the goal the commercials promised.

Another thing that will cause the purchase of a diet pill is the cost of them. When a new weight loss medication comes out they are always on some sort of sale. The price can range from $10 to $40 which is an easy dollar amount for a young teen or adult to come up with. These companies make the prices low because they know there is a high demand for weight loss. Based on past research, the United States has one of the highest counts of obesity and the number increases yearly. Unfortunately the producer of this pill plays into the demand of people wanting to lose weight and will slightly increase the cost on the prices so that they are able to make some type of profit. There are times where even the slightest cost can change the mind of the purchaser but the minor hope of losing the weight will win and the product will be purchased.

Another influence on the purchase of the diet pills is how easy it is to purchase them from your local grocery store. They are in your Wal-Mart’s, Fry’s, and even found in your convenient stores such as Circle K. With the non-prescription diet pills being on the shelves of every store someone who is trying to lose weight would not go without too long before buying the next best attempt to lose just ten pounds.

Last but not least, an influence can and will result with the outstanding obsession of a diet craze the side effects could be bad based off of some ingredient that is in the diet pill however due to the extreme need to lose weight a person will not care because the care of being thin is greater. Some of the ingredients that are used in non-prescription diet pills caused the product to not be approved by the FDA and could cause long term side effects but the product is still purchased the offset chance it makes you thin. An example that follows the same line would be sodium. You have known foods that have high counts of sodium such as soy sauce or a TV dinner and yet you still purchase those items.

My product choices has been chosen because I have personal experiences with using a wide variety. I have used not only prescribed but I have used many of the ones you can purchase over the counter at your nearby grocery store. In my experience, I have had nonprescription pills that worked but for short term with side effects such as jittery to pills that were a complete...

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