Marketing Analysis on Garnier Fructis Shampoo (Entered in Turnitin)

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1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix
1.1 Current Product

The Garnier Fructis fortifying cream shampoo colour last is one of a large assortment of shampoos on the market. In the midst of such a large range of competitors, Garnier has taken steps to make their product stand out. The product is distinctively designed with a dark red bottle, combined with a dark green cap and label. The opening cap is small and rounded and differs to the usual large opening cap of most shampoos. The general theme amongst shampoos is very bright bold colours so this products darker colours does differentiate the product. Consumers purchasing this product need cleaner hair and a product that will prolong their highlights or completely dyed hair. The product labelling reassures the consumer that the product will meet this need by describing the features of the product. The labelling describes how the product has a double action: nourishes + resists colour fading (Product label), thereby seeking to profess that they are meeting the needs of the buyer. So people in the target market of having coloured hair will be attracted to this product because of these attributes. The main consumers who buy this product are women and casual surveillance of shoppers in the health products section of the supermarket showed that a large degree of women will take two to three minutes to select a shampoo. Where this product is not available, the most probable outcome would be that consumers would select a substitute product. This is because there’s many available alternative shampoos on the market and they all generally do the same job and profess the same sort of benefits. The Garnier shampoo range is quite diverse with shampoos specifically for normal, dry hair, dry damaged and stressed out hair, wavy hair and of course colour last. The first four shampoo hair types though come in a green bottle, with the colour last being the only one in a red bottle. This probably reflects the fact that people with non-highlighted hair might use any of the first four hair types and people with highlighted hair mainly use the colour last. So Garnier’s product for the later market segment is uniquely coloured to be easily identified amongst the others as people don’t colour their hair green but may colour their hair red (colour of bottle) or any other colour. The fragrance of this product is quite unique and fragrance has been shown to be an influencing factor on a product decision. Choice magazine has evaluated the fragrances of various shampoos; Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo was rated highest, having a 70% fragrance score (Browne, 2006). This is another aspect of the product which has helped differentiate Garnier’s product. 1.2 Current Pricing

The shampoo market is highly competitive with many suppliers in the market, at varying pricing levels. Consumers have the option to purchase low, middle and high priced shampoos, with Garnier Fructis sitting around the middle to high price range. A recent visit to Coles, Karawara saw a 250ml bottle of Garnier Colour last priced at $5.34 ($2.14 p/100ml). Two interesting points of note on this are that most shampoos come in 400ml bottles, indicating that Garnier may be undertaking the marketing ploy of offering a decreased product size in this product to appear less expensive, as well as decreasing consumers ability to make direct price comparisons with other products. The second point is that the 400ml bottle of Garnier Colour last was priced at $8.99 ($2.25 p/100ml), which is actually slightly more expensive per 100ml than the smaller bottle. As most consumers would expect buying the larger bottle would be cheaper this is another example of underhand marketing tactics by Garnier. Garnier’s colour last shampoo pricing sits above most brands, including Herbal Fusion ($1.25 p/100ml), Natures Fruits ($0.38 p/100ml), Organic Car Colour Shield Shampoo ($0.77 p/100ml) and is similarly priced to Pantene’s...
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