marketing analysis of danone

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In this raport we will study the Danone’s international strategy.
Danone’s turnover increased in 2012 to 21 million euro (+8%) for the third consecutive year.
The most dynamic sector is the baby nutrition and all the group’s poles supported the growth. The turnover also increase in 2012.

I’ve divided my report intro three parts with an introduction and a conclusion.

In the first part I studied the global marketing strategy of Danone. Firstly at an international level, secondly at a local level with the exemple of its development in the United States.

In the second part I made an external and internal analysis of the group . I used the SLEPTS analysis for the external environment. For internal environment I used the SWOT method and the 4P. To define precisely its environment, I studied its competitors and I used the Porters five forces.

The third part is about danone’s implications on international organizations. I divided this part between the implications of segmentation, targeting and the positionment of Danone and its strategy to acquire and to retain customer.

Then, I will finish with a conclusion.

INTRODUCTION Danone was set up in 1919 in Spain by Isaac Carasso. In 1967 the company merged with Gervais and in 1973 it merged with BSN. They set up the first French agribusiness. In 1994 the company “Groupe Danone” become “Danone”. In 1997 Danone realigned its strategy, by focusing its business on high-growth categories where it had a leading position. It also had an ambitious development policy and tried to develop its international activities worlwide, through bothgrowth and acquistions. It expanded its business to reduce the risks and increase its profits. In 2007 Danone realigned its business on healthy food. Nowadays the company focuses its business around four strategic sectors which are:

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