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Address28, Sarajevska, 75000, Tuzla, B&H

Nationality at birthB&H
Present nationalityB&H

Date of birth [ Day, month, year ]28.12.1965.
Place of birthTUZLA

SexMale □Female X

Marital statusSingle □Married XWidowed □Divorced □Separated □

NameZeljko HalilovicEmina Halilovic
Date of birth [ Day, month, year ]07.09.1961.02.12.1989. RelationshipHusbandDaughter

[ Add separate entries for each relevant post occupied, starting with the most recent. ]

• Dates (from – to) 2005-Present
• Name and address of employerEU Vocational Education and Training Programme II, Ul. Maka Dizdara 2, Sarajevo, B&H • Type of business or sectorProject that is supported by EU • Occupation or position heldKey local expert - Finance Adviser • Main activities and responsibilities1. Work on achieving the objective of the project: -To support economic regeneration of Bosnia and Herzegovina by increasing employment through further development of the VET system, based on LLL principles. -To progress and further extend the modernization of the VET system in an LLL context and -To foster and further develop local institutional capacity for VET reform, with particular reference to labour market needs. 2.Preparing the comprehensive review and analysis of VET financing in BIH and the proposal for the VET financing model 3.Advice and support to the VET Council (involving representatives of education sector, labour market, Chamber of Commerce, SMEs) in preparing the strategy plan for VET reform (2010)

• Dates (from – to) 2002-2004
• Name and address of employerInternational Organization for Migration, Tuzla, B&H • Type of business or sector
• Occupation or position heldBusiness Consultant, Career and Employment Advisor • Main activities and responsibilitiesWork with the beneficiaries (discharged soldiers) and organization and institutions 1.Make contacts with Employment Services, Chamber of commerce, Vocational and education organizations and schools, Municipalities, Entrepreneurs, Farmer Association in order to make researches of labor market, and find the job and increase possibilities of discharge soldiers to find employment 2.Costing out education programmes, in particular VET

3.Conducting comparative analysis of VET programmes
4.Business consulting (advices about the registration of business, sales, marketing, organization, finance, management) 5.Preparing and writing of the assessment (vocational training, small business and trade kits for employment) 6.Completing of the documentation (procurement and payment request, chart offers, agreements)

• Dates (from – to)2002
• Name and address of employerEUPER (European Program for Enterprise Revitalization in BiH) Sarajevo, B&H • Type of business or sectorProject supported by EU

• Occupation or position heldSenior Consultant
• Main activities and responsibilitiesProvide consulting advice in Finance and Marketing and Management area for companies (Mlin Ljubace –cattle feed and flour producer, and Solana Tuzla – salt producer and Alfe-mi Zivinice – metal processing company)

• Dates (from – to)1998-2001
• Name and address of employerUSAID Business Consulting Tuzla, B&H • Type of business or sectorBusiness Consulting
• Occupation or position heldSenior Consultant
• Main activities and responsibilitiesProviding of consulting services in marketing, finance and mangment area to portfolio of 60 companies −Delivering seminars and tranings for clients of Business Development...
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