Topics: Marketing, Psychology, Marketing research Pages: 5 (3238 words) Published: November 3, 2014
School of Management CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY (MN50582) Course background and objectives Why do people do and buy things they dont like or need Why does what other people think influence what consumers like How can people be persuaded to buy a product The purpose of this module is to examine in detail consumers decision-making processes, the influences upon consumers behaviour in a broad sense and their implications for marketing. The module aims to create a solid understanding of consumers behaviour and the multitude of influences that play a role in their consumption and buying behaviour. Drawing on the discipline of psychology, a strong theoretical foundation is laid to acquaint you with the principles you will require to make informed decisions as a marketing professional in the area of consumer behaviour. Having completed this unit the student is expected to demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate consumer research and theoretical models in the field. have an understanding of psychological heories and processes used to understand consumer behaviour. be able to consider different ways in which consumer research may be applied in the development of marketing programmes. Coordinators and contact The module leaders are Judith de Groot ( and Haiming Hang ( If you require assistance outside lecture hours then you could e-mail either one of them. Specific questions related to the lecture content can best be addressed by the person who delivers the specific lecture. For general questions about the course, please contact Judith de Groot. Judith will also be available to speak students face-to-face on Tuesday mornings (room 8W 4.3). However, please contact her by email to make an appointment on this day. Assessment The course consists of one piece of coursework (30) and an exam (70). Coursework Group Project You need to work in a group (maximum 5 people in each group) to apply sensory marketing to design (re-design) a store of your choice The key options you can choose are Critical evaluate sensory marketing of an existing store and give recommendations to improve its store design Create sensory marketing campaign for a new store The key areas you may cover in your group presentations are Analyse how five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) may influence shoppers motivation, feelings and behaviour in the store you choose. Design(or re-design) your store based on your analysis The group presentation will take place in week 10. The presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes, which will be followed by 5 minutes questions. You need to email your presentation to Dr Judith De Groot and Dr Haiming Hang before 9am on 2 December 2014. Everyone in the same group gets the same mark. Marking will base on your depth of knowledge, coherent of your argument and details of your store design. Exam The exam will consist of 70 of you total mark. You are expected to revise all content of Week 1-11. The exam will include two essay questions one essay question (our of two) will cover the lecture content as provided by Haiming Hang and one essay question (out of two) will cover the lecture content as provided by Judith de Groot. Both questions count for 50 of your total exam mark. You can always ask exam related questions during lectures. Course Outline Lecture 1 Introduction 2 October 2014 Reading Key Reading Solomon, M., Bamossy, G., Askegaard and Hogg, M. Consumer behaviour a European perspective, Chapters 1-3. Holbrook, Morris B. (1987), What is Consumer Research Journal of Consumer Research, 14 (June), 128-132. Calder, B.J. and A.M. Tybout (1987), What Consumer Research is ..., Journal of Consumer Research, 14 (Jun), 136-140. Additional Reading Simonson, Itamar, Ziv Carmon, Ravi Dhar, Aimee Drolet, and Stephen M. Nowlis (2001), Consumer Research In Search of Identity, Annual Review of Psychology, 52 (1), 249-275. MacInnis, Deborah...
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