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Executive Summary
This report was prepared for the Chief executive officer for Axiata PLC as requested to analyze the internal and external environment and identify both external and internal factors shaping their competitive position which accounts for their success or failure in the market. This report is based on both primary and secondary information derived from Dialog Axiata PLC. The report gives a basic overview of Dialog Axiata PLC, its operations and performance. The external environment of Dialog Axiata has been analyzed using the PESTEL analysis where the political, legal, economical, ecological, social and demographical factors are analyzed to identify opportunities and threats in the external environment. Furthermore Porters five forces model was prepared to analyze the intensity of competition in the industry’s attractiveness and profitability. In addition to this, competitor analysis was conducted using strategic group concept to understand how similar firms face same environmental forces that have same resources and similar strategies in response to uncontrollable environment forces. All these are used to perform the SWOT analysis to derive strategies to be developed to suit Dialog’s environment keeping alive its objectives. The internal environment analysis gives a view of its resources both tangible and intangible and its capabilities which shapes the competitive position of Dialog. For this purpose VRIO framework was carried out to measure the company’s resources in terms of how valuable the resources are, whether the resources enable the organization to exploit an opportunity or neutralize a threat, how well the resources are in line with organizations procedures and policies, the rarity of resources and whether organization faces a cost advantage in obtaining or developing the resources. Furthermore value chain analysis was carried out to identify the firms most value creating activities and those that do not. The Mckinseys 7s analysis was carried out to analyze the Structure and processes of Dialog Axiata Table of contents

Evaluation of external environment of Dialog Axiata4
Macro environment analysis
PESTEL analysis4
Industry analysis8 Porters Five forces8
2.1.3 Competitor analysis11 Strategic group11
3. Internal analysis
3.1 McKinsey’s 7s model12
3.2 Value chain analysis14
3.3 VIRO17
3.3.1 Intangible resources17
3.3.2 Tangible resources18
3.3.3 Capabilities19
4. SWOT analysis
4.1 Strengths 20 4.2 Weaknesses21
4.3 Opportunities21
4.4 Threats22
5. Conclusion 23
6. References24
7. Appendices26
As businesses grow day by day and when it becomes challenging and competitive appropriate investigation of both macro and micro environment has to be carried out in order to be more aware of the environment which otherwise would be difficult to develop strategies for the organization in order to be ahead of competition. Thus as a strategic analyst I have been appointed the task of analyzing the external and internal environment of Dialog Axiata and identify the factors which shape the competitive position of Dialog which accounts for their success or failure. (Refer appendix 1 for company profile) By doing so I would be able to identify the challenges and opportunities in both macro and micro environment which will enable to me to suggest initiatives, recommendations and strategies for the management of Dialog in order for them to remain more competitive and preserve its market leadership position. Evaluation of the External Environment of Dialog Axiata

Macro Environmental Analysis
2.1.1 PESTEL analysis
Economic Factors
Inflation rate
The year on year inflation measured in terms of the CCPI (2006/07=100) was 4.7 percent in November...

References: Inflation rate
The year on year inflation measured in terms of the CCPI (2006/07=100) was 4.7 percent in November 2011
Dialog Axiata employs 2922 (As at 2010) (Refer appendix 11) staff members who are considered to be crucial to the organizations success and its growth
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