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Case Analysis
Human Resource Management

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Answer: 1

The case is a comparative study of the implementation of the appraisal systems in two banks:
1. Paradise Bank
2. PLN Bank

Both the banks had similar appraisal and compensation systems.

Appraisal System in PLN Bank
It follows the traditional system of appraisal.

During the appraisal period, Department heads and employees meet to discuss about unattained targets to reach a consensus about salary hike and related aspects.

Appraisal System in Paradise Bank
Does not follow the traditional system of appraisal.

During the appraisal period, the department heads and the team members meet to discuss about future profitable strategies to attain targets based on market conditions, consumer feedback, deployable energies and resources.

In this form of appraisal system, the employees identify their lacunae in their skill sets.

Answer: 2

Assessment centre method: Observe and evaluate participants to determine the individual training and development needs of employees.

360 degree Performance Appraisal: Appraiser should be any person whohas knowledge about the job, contents to be appraised, and standards of contents and observes the employee performance.

Management by Objectives: This is a process whereby the superior and subordinate managers of an organization jointly identify its common goals, define each individual’s major area of responsibility in terms of results expected of him and use these measures as guides for operating the unit and assessing the contributions of each of its members.

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