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Case Study 1
Salon Promotions
Hair is important to most people across the world and to women in particular. Visits to the hairdresser are motivated by a variety of reasons and some of these motivations can be associated with phases in peoples’ life stages, as set out in Table 1. Hair care products have been designed to appeal to different markets and at one end of the spectrum inexpensive shampoos and conditioners can be purchased from supermarkets, grocery stores and corner shops, on an everyday basis. At the other end of the spectrum, shampoos and conditioners can be purchased from hair salons, normally as a result of visiting for a cut, style and/or colour change. These salon-based products usually command a premium price. Therefore, hair care products can be bought from shops or from hair salons, but the brand propositions are normally very different. The shop-based products are mass brands, which require high levels of promotion to maintain awareness and repeat purchase in a market where brand loyalty is low. Sponsorship and sales promotion are also an important part of the promotion mix, aimed at developing brand values and encouraging brand switching, respectively. Salon-based brands are characterised by their exclusive availability (only available through hair salons) and the endorsement by hairdressers such as Paul Mitchell and Sebastian. Television advertising does not always work well as it reduces the perception of exclusivity. Much of the promotional work with salon brands needs to be orientated to the professional hairdresser and be designed to promote images of personal attention and professional care. Salon brands are endorsed by professional hairdressers, shop brands are endorsed by celebrities. Research indicates that there are both strong rational and emotional reasons for buying hair care products at a salon. Product quality and functional performance, which is endorsed by professionals, constitute the main rational motivations. The...
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