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Research Methodology

Research Proposal Title: What is the role of sales promotion in creating customer loyalty? A case study on ASDA, UK

Submitted to: Mr. Beninson Supervisor, Department of Business Administration School of Business and Law (SBL)
Submitted By: Shegupta Begum Student ID- B0432MAMA1110 MBA-2, Marketing

There are three parts in the assignment. Initial part contains title, aim and objectives of the research and a brief description of company which is required for dissertation. The second part is literature review that is very important and precondition of the research. Finally in the last part, research methodology, conclusion and list of references are discussed.
Part -A
1. Title:

‘‘Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of sales promotion in creating customer loyalty at ASDA

1.1 Aims:

The main purpose of this research is to find out the link between sales promotion and customer loyalty and evaluate the importance of this link in the success of business.

1.2 Objectives:
A critical review of sales promotion from various book, journal, newspaper To make a sound study effectiveness of sales promotion.
To detect various tool of sales promotion and their impact on customer loyalty. A clear description of customer loyalty in business.
A finding of the link between sales promotion and customer loyalty.

1.3 Introduction

Sales promotion is one of the marketing communicating mixes and can bring lots of benefits to the business. One of the great benefits of it is that it creates customer loyalty which enhances the profitability of a business. Customer loyalty means attracting the right customer in right times, make them buy, buy sometimes, buy high quantity. Different kinds of sales promotion offer customer supplementary benefits. It impress customer in a right way. In this competitive market place, attracting customer is not easy task. Sales promotion reduces some tension of businessman.

1.4 ASDA Background

ASDA is one of the most renowned retailers in the UK and now it is considered as the subsidiary of Wal-Mart – one of the largest retail companies in the world. It sells various kinds of products foods, cloths, toys and general merchandise etc. Wal-Mart’s strategies are followed by ASDA now after it had been owned by Wal-Mart. The marketing promotion of ASDA is fundamentally made on price. ASDA is setting up itself on the base of their slogan ‘Britain’s Lowest Priced Supermarket’. It introduces different kinds of sales promotion to promote their target audiences. They always make this popular to attract their upcoming audiences. The more important thing which makes ASDA famous is “ASDA price”. To make this campaign popular to their existing customers and target customer, ASDA always use different techniques like ASDA credit card, mobile phone etc. In fact, sales promotion plays indispensable role to become an emerging and potential retailer in the UK supermarket chain. Time to time they offer various sales promotion to their customer.

2. Literature Review
2.1 Introduction:
The literature review is the main part of the research because it looks at the theoretical framework of the research. In the literature review I talked about the classification of sales promotion, techniques, and benefits. I also try to demonstrate about the effectiveness of customer loyalty. 2.2 Sales promotion

Sales promotion is one of the most important aspects among four promotional mixes. The main purpose of creating sales promotion is to attract consumers and distributors by including temporary...

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