Marketing 5000

Topics: Marketing, Appeal, Advertising Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Marketing 5000 Midterm – Fall 2011
Robyn Edgerton

Build loyalty by creating an opportunity to input on a website or discussion board, make customers feel like part of a club. They also do this by getting feedback from consumers and letting them know their opinions count. This is done well by Harley Davidson as well as make-up companies that have websites you can get make-up tips from or learn how to care for your skin. •Loyalty is also built by connecting on an emotional level with the customer. For instance, a baby lotion might talk about how it is the best and doesn’t your baby deserve the best. Or, it may play off of tradition…Johnson and Johnson took care of you and now you can give your baby that same quality product. •An example of customer relationship management is seen in the car industry. For instance, they know that it is better to cultivate a long term or lifetime relationship with a customer rather than a one-time sale. They invite new Camry purchasers to return within a month of their new car purchase and enjoy a free dinner and education on the new car along with other new car owners. •Another way that they do this is to offer free maintenance to Camry customers, inviting them in for regular check-ups, giving them popcorn, movies and coffee.

Social factors make a difference in purchasing patterns and if this is not understood, companies can fail. It is not a one-ad fits all market. For instance, in the Hispanic culture families shop together and make joint buying decisions. So this means that to appeal to the very loyal to brand Hispanic market, an advertiser might include families in an ad for Coke whereas for the Caucasian culture, you could show a young mom, having put her baby down for a nap and thrilled she has some alone time…and opens her can of Coke. Hispanics are very group centered. •Asians have also been group centered but this is changing due to the “me-generation” or single kid families and rising purchasing...
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