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Nestlé began in Malaysia in 1912 as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Penang and later, growth and expansion made a move to Kuala Lumpur necessary in 1939. Since 1962, with its first factory in Petaling Jaya, Nestlé Malaysia now manufactures its products in 8 factories and operates from its head office in Petaling Jaya, and 6 sales offices nationwide.

Milo is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt, produced by Nestlé and originating from Australia. It was developed by Thomas Mayne in 1934. Milo is alsomanufactured in other countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand,Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Jamaica,Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Papua New Guinea,South Africa, Sri Lanka, Syria and Taiwan. The name derives from the famous Greekathlete Milo of Crotona, after his legendary strength. Milo is added to hot or cold milk to give it a malted chocolate flavor and extratexture. When combined with cold milk, it retains the gritty texture of its raw state. Milocan be stirred into steamed milk or hot water to create something similar to hot chocolateor cocoa. Sugar can be added to the Milo beverage, but many people enjoy it without theaddition of sweeteners, appreciating it for its subtle chocolate flavor. Another possibleuse is making a normal cup of cold Milo and microwaving it for approximately 40–60seconds. This gives the Milo drink a biscuit cover on top. Another popular use is tosprinkle it on ice cream, especially vanilla ice cream. Milo can also be sprinkled onbreakfast cereals. Milo is often the favored beverage for the Tim Tam Slam. Also very popular is the "Magic Milo" which involves adding Milo to a smallamount of milk with sugar and whipping it to increase the amount of air in the milk,thereby doubling it in size. Then one adds small amounts of hot water and milk in layersstirring each new layer vigorously to maintain its lightness. A final layer of whippedcream topped with extra Milo or chocolate sprinkles. This is more of a 'warm' beveragerather than a 'hot' one and is a more popular version of hot Milo for children. 1

• Milo FuzeMilo Fuze comes in three variants and is the easy tasty way to enjoy nutritiousMilo with Actigen-E and other nutritious ingredients.It is vary by 3 types which is cerealsfor hunger pangs, 3in1 for consumer convenience and better taste, and last one is highcalcium for stronger bones.• Pack Extra Nutrition with MiloA healthier choice in new design UHT pack. Milo UHT packs, the ready-to-drink format of Malaysia’s best-known

nutritious chocolate malt beverage is nutritious and
healthier in a new attractive design. It contains all the
nutritional benefits of Milo such as ACTIGEN-E and
PROTOMALT in a convenient pack.• Milo Wafer barMilo Wafer bar made with layers of crispy wafer andsprinkled with Milo kibbles on top. It contains ACTIGEN-E and it has3.6% of our daily energy needs (based on 2000 Kcal). It will alsotantalize children senses.| | 2


Milo UHT 200ml
The new MILO UHT 200ml pack has just the right balance of nutrients to meet the growing needs of your child. It contains PROTOMALT, a special malt extract and ACTIGEN-E, a combination of 8 vitamins and 4 minerals to give your child what he needs to go further. What’s more, it’s convenient for your kids to take it with them, wherever they go. Pack size: 200ml

RRP: RM1.30
* Seasonal discount
Seasonal discount is a price reduction for buying merchandise out of the season. It shiftsthe storage function to the purchaser. Seasonal discounts also enable manufacturers tomaintain a steady...
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