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Enova Health System
01)How would you begin to study this problem?
Inova Health System is Virginia’s leading healthcare provider, with 10,000 employees consist of services for three hospitals, seven outpatient centers, and long –term –care facilities and also with home nursing .first of all I want to start the investigate with recruitment . According to byers and rue recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen. Recruitment is one of the critical and important outcomes of HR planning. In inova health system there are familiar with centralized and decentralized recruitment forms. In centralized recruitment all the decisions are taken by the head office for the recruitments and man power planning of whole company. The authorities to take decisions based on recruitments remain at the top management of the company. According to Nel and Binns, Geography 88 Decentralized recruitment means the devolution of ‘decision-making powers to the lowest levels of government authority to promote democracy and participation, such that local people are directly involved in decisions and developments which affect them personally’

There is some problems occurred in decentralized recruitment are listed below- High cost—it is costly because it has been under gone in duplication of functions in past year such as advertising expenses of $500,000. Competition among branches for selecting best fit to the for same position in same labor market is just wastage of time such as units competing with one another to recruit from the same labor market. Candidates interested in jobs common to several facilities needing to apply separately at each facility in this case both has to make same kind of documents for jobs like nursing ,so these are the unnecessary costs needs to be cut down in order to have more profit in the organization. Also there is absence of internal mobility for current workers across...
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