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AVINAA has many marketing intermediaries that distribute products to customers in more than 37 cities of Vietnam. Especially, AVINAA vodka is sold and distributed in the largest cities and populous cities of Vietnam and almost big districts in these cities. Those channel firm are mainly retailers. 

(AVINAA vodka > Distribution agents) 
a. Strengths: 
- AVINAA has many large retail corporations and stores available, which assist company to find target markets effectively and sell products easily through their own promotional programs. - Having many retail stores can help AVINAA create shopping environment, create attractive display, performance, and different customer experiences; increase customer awareness, provide them various choices of vodka and provide necessary information.  

b. Weaknesses:
- AVINAA vodka is not cheap product,and not sold in any supermarkets, so it is quite difficult for customers to find company products if they don't know company's retail stores's name and addresses. Customers:

Due to customers' demands, AVINAA's customer markets consist of Consumer market and Reseller market. In Consumer market,customers actually buy products to use in household purposes, such as using in meals and parties. In Reseller market, retailers buy company products to resell to restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels. a. Strengths :

- These customer markets play important roles in serving customer demands, providing adequate products, engaging purchases, which efficiently helps company achive its objective, customer satisfaction, company's good image and reputation. b.Weaknesses

_Vietnamese drinkers would like to drink some fimilar bands as some competitors such as Vodka Hanoi from Halico. Competitors:
1. The main competitor of AVINAA company is Halico company (Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock company). This company's products include baverage. alcohol, wine and other liquor. In fact...
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