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Introduction & Company profile:
Type of business
Geographic domain
Culture of senior management
Competitive situation
Marketing Audit:
External environment - Macro environment (PEST)
Political, Governmental, and Legal forces:
Political stability, Government regulations & deregulations. Changes in tax laws, Changes in patents(التراخيص) laws Level of government subsidies, Country to other countries relationships Trading policies& Import-export regulations

Political conditions in foreign countries
Facilities for the entrance for new foreign investment,
Size of government budgets, The relations with other countries

Economic forces
Availability of credit and saving, Level of disposable income Interest rates, Inflation rates, Unemployment , Stock Market trend Foreign countries’ economic conditions
Monetary policies, investment laws and regulations,
The GDP and income level (which directly reflects on consumer spending power) The currency depreciation or appreciation, Wages level
price elasticity of demand
Social, Cultural, Demographic, and Environmental forces:
Number of marriages, divorces, births, and deaths, Social security programs Per capita Income, Lifestyle, Traffic congestion, Trust in government Average level of education, Population changes by race, age, and sex Air pollution

size, structure, and regional distribution of the population Cultural fear or freedom level, Cultural symbol (status)
What’s socially acceptable?
The attitudinal changes towards business ( product / services) produced

Technological forces
Internet availability and usage, E-commerce
The rate of development, The presence of skilled persons
Presence of technological capabilities.
Substitute might replace the organization’s product.

External environment -Task environment
(1) Markets
Size, growth rate and geographical distribution of the organization’s market. The existing market segment
The new emerging market segment
The existing or future market development
Evaluating Markets Attractiveness
segment size, segment growth rate, competitive intensity, customer satisfaction with existing product fit with company image, fit with fit with company objectives, fit with company resources distribution available, investment required, stability, cost to serve sustainable advantage available, communication channels available, power of buyer versus power of suppliers (2) Industry structure

Pure monopoly ( one seller): utilities companies
price is high, little advertising, low service level
barriers to entry exist
Differentiated oligopoly (automotive industry)
differentiated achieved, few sellers
pursuing a strategy of quality, adding features or styling
Pure oligopoly (oil and steel industry)
differentiated is difficult to achieve, few sellers
prices are set on the going rate
competitive advantage is achieved by cost reduction
Monopolistic competition (restaurant and beauty shops industry) focus on particular market segment, many sellers
high service level, command a prices are premium
Pure competition (commodity market industry)
Competitors offer the same product, many sellers
profit are determine by the ability to manage costs

(3) Competitors Porter 5 forces
The structure, bases and intensity of competition.
The existing major competitors and any competitive advantage. The major strengths and relative position of each competitor. The objectives, strategies and the level of profitability of each competitors. The market share level.

Threats of new entrants
Barriers to entry:
The need to gain economic of scale quickly
The need to gain technology and specialized knowhow
The lack of experience
Strong customer loyalty , Strong brand preference
Large capital requirements
Lack of adequate distribution channels
The potential saturation of market.
Government regulatory

Rivalry among...
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