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• Rich heritage dating back over 150 years • Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton in France • Began manufacturing luxury travel trunks and luggage for the European elite. • In 1896, his son created the “LV” Louis Vuitton monogram in order to help distinguish it from imitators • Considered by many to be the first “designer label” placed on a product • The “LV” monogram is currently the most copied in the world.


Louis Vuitton • FRANCE

• Top Magazines for LV ads: Elle & Vogue • “Rocketers” target market

Louis Vuitton • FRANCE

Giant Louis Vuitton cases at the boutique in France.

Louis Vuitton • FRANCE
Fall 2006-Winter 2007 Campaign • Pharrell Williams to lead men’s line • Multiple female models to lead women’s line…ex: Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss

Louis Vuitton • FRANCE

“The idea is of a cloud made of glass”: one of Mr. Gehry’s designs.

Frank Gehry to design new culture center.

Louis Vuitton - Hofstede• FRANCE
• Individualistic • Medium-Low in Masculinity
– Concerned with quality of life – Also like status symbols

• Fashion = Expression


Louis Vuitton • CHINA Environment
• 175 million Chinese= 13% of the population can afford luxury goods • Chinese younger generation is developing a taste for luxury goods

Louis Vuitton • CHINA Marketing Strategy
• Maintain French production of goods • Boutiques attempt to portray a sense of “home”

Louis Vuitton• CHINA

People walk past a big luggage-like advertisement of Louis Vuitton at the boutique under the direct management of Louis Vuitton Tuesday Sept. 7, 2004 in Shanghai, China

Louis Vuitton • CHINA Advertising campaign
• Working with famous celebrities and models • Conveys an exclusive and sophisticated image

Louis Vuitton - Hofstede • CHINA •Long-term Orientation – Quality of Goods

•Power Distance
– Store set-up – Waiting lists

Louis Vuitton - Hofstede•...
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