Topics: Marketing, Critical thinking, Research Pages: 5 (985 words) Published: June 21, 2013


MODULE TITLE: Contemporary Marketing

TITLE OF ASSESSMENT: Jan 12/13 intake Assessment (Resit)


DEADLINE DATE FOR SUBMISSION BY STUDENTS: Friday, 12 July 2013 by 12.00 noon


ASSESSOR(S): Dr. Vish Maheshwari

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes for Students:

Learning Outcomes

This assignment has been designed to assess achievement of the learning outcomes for this module: Critically assess how a blend of traditional and digitally based marketing concepts may be utilised to provide frameworks for practical solutions. Evaluate the marketplace and wider marketing environment as a means to identifying strategic implications for an organisation. Appraise and review how marketing planning co-ordinates integrated marketing solutions to practical business situations. Critically evaluate and apply a range of strategic marketing tools to create customer oriented solutions and to satisfy corporate and marketing based objectives

The Assignment Brief

Using ‘Samsung’ as an organisation in question, critically analyse various approach/approaches to the marketing of a product or service from their portfolio.

From this critical analysis, suggest a range of strategic recommendations. These should be designed to enable the organisation to achieve their marketing objectives. They should be practical and ready to implement.

Produce an individually written report of 3,500 words (+/- 10%) that adheres to all of the requirements of this assignment brief. The word count does not include bibliography and appendices.

Your report should include following:

Section 1 – Introduction (15%)
This section should provide Overview of organisation and the product/service identification of the critical factors in the marketing environment/marketplace

Section 2 – Review & Findings (30%)

A detailed critical analysis of various marketing mix elements used by the organisation of your choice in developing and implementing their marketing effort

Section 3 – Analysis (30%)

Evaluation and synthesis of the marketing approach/approaches using relevant theoretical applications & frameworks to developing an appropriate argument

Section 4 – Recommendations (20%)
Keeping above review and analysis clearly outline 2/3 strategic recommendations, from implication perspective, that could emphasise future growth for your selected organisation

Section 5 – Presentation (5%)
Your assignment should be well structured into sections and paragraphs, with clear use of section headings and subheadings. A report format should be followed, with new sections beginning on a new page. There should be a contents page, and pages should be clearly numbered. -Your assignment should be well written, and presented to a professional standard. -All citations within the text of your report and all references listed in your bibliography must be formatted in correct Harvard Referencing style

| |
70% Plus |
69% - 60% |
59% - 50% |
49% - 40% |
39% - 20% FAIL |
Below 20% FAIL | |
Introduction |
This section is concise and highly relevant. It evidences excellent understanding of the company based on highly reliable research. | This section is concise and relevant. It evidences a good understanding of the company based on useful and relevant research. | This section is concise and mostly relevant. It evidences a reasonable understanding of the company based on adequate research using mostly reliable sources. | This section is only partially relevant. It evidences a limited understanding of the company based on research using only some reliable sources. | This section is mainly irrelevant. It evidences an inadequate understanding of the company based on limited and/or unreliable research. | Little evidence of...
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