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Mohamed Aazam Gaffar

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Mrs. Inoka Gunarathne

Module Title:

Marketing Principles

Assignment Title:

Individual Assignment

Date Due:

05th of April 2012

International College of Business & Technology

Table of Content

Table of Content2
1.0 Exucutive Summary4
2.0Swot Analysis5
3.0Pest Analysis7
3.1 Political7
3.2 Economical7
3.3 Social8
3.4 Technological8
4.0 Market research9
5.0Market Segmentation13
5.1Target Market (specific description of the market)13
5.1.1Geographic Segmentation13
5.1.2Demographic Segmentation14
5.1.3Behavioural Segmentation14
5.2Description of market(s) in which products are to be sold14 5.2.1Geographical regions14
5.3Consumer buying habits within the chosen Segments15
5.3.1Product use patterns15
5.3.2Product preference features16
5.3.3Shopping habits16
6.0Marketing Mix17
6.1 The Product17
6.1.1Product’s Relative Advantage18
6.1.2Compatibility of the Product19
6.1.3Complexity of the Product19
6.1.4Trialability of the Product20
6.1.5Observability of the Product20
6.16Product Labelling21
6.17oduct Packaging21
6.1.8Product Support services component21
6.1.9Product Life Cycle22
6.2 Pricing23
6.2.1The Purpose of Pricing23
6.2.2Customary mark-ups24
6.2.3Types of discounts available24
6.3.2Media Mix25
6.3.3Estimated Budget for Promotions and Advertising for an Year27 6.3.4Sales Promotion28
6.4 Distribution from Origin to Destination30
6.4.1Port selection30
6.4.2Mode selection30
6.4.4Documentation required32
6.4.5Insurance claims34
6.4.6Freight Forwarder35
6.4.7Channels of distribution36
6.4.8Wholesale middlemen38
7.0Comparison of Competitors41
7.1Competitors Product41
7.2Competitor’s Price42
7.3Competitors Promotion and Advertising Methods42
7.4Competitors Distribution Channel42
9.0 Conclusion45

1.0Executive Summary

Stazons (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading noodle manufacturers in Sri Lanka which has revitalized the domestic noodles market by its new range of products and innovative marketing plans. It has won many awards for its high standards used in production. Recently it has gone beyond the domestic boundaries and currently it catering to foreign markets such as India, Singapore and Malayasia.

Stazons has won the award for being health conscious and providing high quality noodles from the ministry of food and consumer affairs of Sri Lanka in 2001. This led Stazons (Pvt) Ltd to gain more momentum and cater to many markets. At present Stazons is the market leader of the domestic noodles market with a wider range of products.

This report is prepared for the Stazons (Pvt) Ltd with regard to their export of noodles to Thailand, especially the health conscious & innovative Diet noodles the Jasmine rice noodles, and the Thai mix noodles. This report consists of two parts. The first part of the report focuses on product specific data, market conditions such as competitors’ products, features, and market potentials.

The second part of the report is focusing on the development a marketing plan for Stazons (pvt) Ltd with regard to its products. It analyses the market using both the financial and non-financial measures. The plan also highlights the appropriate methods of marketing Stazons products in Thailand.

These reports were prepared based on data obtained through websites, magazines and business organisations.

2.0Swot Analysis

According to a SWOT analysis the company will be able to identify the strong...
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