Topics: World Tourism Organization, Economics, Thomas Cook, Great Britain, England / Pages: 3 (719 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2013
M1: I have to analyse the factors and their affect on marketing method for one of the Travel and Tourism organisation.
Thomas Cook is one of the European tour operators which are well known in holiday travel industry. The company offers more than thousand domestic and outbound destinations around the world.
Thomas Cook package holidays associates with various brands which are; Neilson Ski & Snowboard, Manos, Airtours, Thomas Cook Flights, Thomas Cook holidays and Sunset (, 2012).
PEST analysis:
It is a fact that the political influence can affect virtually every business industry in the world. One of the significant reasons of this affect is enormous influence on the regulation of businesses in the marketing industry.
There are different regulation that are carried out and protected by the government or political authorities of the state which includes legal matters or authorities government regulation by which how the industry or the organisation should operate its business.
Thomas Cook package holiday company is based in UK with business and political environment of UK, it is one of the appealing and secure as compare to other region of the world.
Yet, EU have had an effect on the political stability of the authorities, where the war against terror and enlargement of EU.
Britain government is organising activities to ensure aviation reproduce its environmental affects. Suggestions are leading and coming up for a revenue improvement on VAT and aviation fuel on air tickets.
Authorities, decision and statement concerning taxation and on the subject raising the fuel prices have affected the citizens of Britain by purchasing the power.
One of the most significant political decision as to if a Britain deal to single European currency is again having a value on the businesses.

Another factor that can also affect the business or different industries is economical factors. Economic factor is one of

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