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1.| Executive summery| |
2.| Corporate connection| |
3.| Environmental analysis & forecasting| |
4.| Segmentation & targeting| |
5.| Objective| |
6.| Marketing strategies| |
7.| Action programmes| |
8.| Financial projections| |
9.| Implementation control| |

Marketing plan of sun chips

Executive summary:
Quasem Dry cells Limited is the pioneer and leading ISO Certified dry cells battery manufacturer in the country. The company has a golden history of producing dry cells battery through modern battery manufacturing technology in Bangladesh. The company has major market share and plan to increase its business through expansion. As part of its expansion plan, Quasem Dry cells Limited established Quasem Food Products Limited and producing first ever real potato chips under the brand name of “Sun Chips”. Currently, Quasem Food Products Limited is producing varieties flavors of potato chips and distributing the products through its own distribution network over the country. Quasem food products limited's vision is to be recognized as the most successful food company in Bangladesh, generating sustainable, profitable growth and continuously improving the result. Sun chips is a high quality chips which is harmless. In that product, there have some special ingredients which provide nutrition. So definitely, this product is an exclusive product in the market. Sun chips provide some exceptional tastes which provide great pleasure. This is mainly a natural product which has no bad side effect. Corporate connection:

Environmental analysis & forecasting:
* Major environmental factors:
* Economic:
* Social:
This section should consider social trends within the target area. From the socio-cultural point of view, there is no barrier for chips. The chips have a good acceptance in Bangladesh. There is no such measurable negative impact of sun chips...
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