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April 4, 2011

The Future Of Interactive
by Shar VanBoskirk and Emily Riley
for Interactive Marketing Professionals

M aking Leaders Successful Every Day

For Interactive Marketing Professionals

April 4, 2011

The Future Of Interactive Marketing

How Embracing cORE Directives Will Help you Foster Adaptability by Shar VanBoskirk and Emily Riley
with christine Spivey Overby, Moira Dorsey, Suresh Vittal, Jennifer Wise, and Angie Polanco

ExEcuT I V E S u M MA Ry
Interactivity is changing life as we know it, a scope too big for most firms’ siloed, understaffed interactive marketing organizations. The solution? To customize, optimize, respond, and empower (CORE). By championing these directives, interactive marketers will help their firms adapt to the new customer and technology disruptions of the next digital decade. Start your efforts now — no matter your level of interactive maturity — since firms with CORE values will benefit from more meaningful interactions with customers and master algorithms for seeding desire. On a broader scale, CORE makes businesses more altruistic and may even conduct Mark Zuckerberg to the Nobel Peace Prize.

TABl E O F cO n TE nTS
2 The Future Of Marketing Is Interactivity
Interactive Marketing Structures can’t Support
Future Interactivity
4 CORE: Interactive Marketers’ New Directives
customize By Balancing user And Business
Treat Optimization As A Discipline, not A
Respond Quickly But not Exhaustively
Empower, Don’t Exploit, Influencers
8 How Interactive Marketers Can Strengthen
Marketing’s CORE
Move To your cORE no Matter What

n OT E S & RE S O u RcE S
Forrester interviewed 14 vendor and user
companies, including 3M, Allstate Insurance
company, Brown-Forman, The coca-cola
company, Extreme Arts + Sciences, FedEx,
General Mills, jcpenney, MediaMath, Meijer,
Optimal Payments, Russell Investments,
Scotiabank, and Thomson Reuters.

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14 CORE Makes Marketing Change The World
15 Supplemental Material

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The Future Of Interactive Marketing
For Interactive Marketing Professionals

Interactive marketing has come a long way in a short time. It has grown digital properties to the largest businesses in the world, turned centuries old media and agency models upside down, and now represents 15% of all advertising spend.1 But the next digital decade challenges the model of interactive marketing that most organizations have developed. Because interactivity is:

· About relationships, not media. The future of interactive marketing will be about enabling collaborative customer relationships — through any medium or experience — rather than building online campaigns. John Deighton, the Harold M. Brierley professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, reminds us that “interactive marketing is not synonymous with online marketing, even though it is facilitated by Internet technology.”2

· Altering life as we know it. Interactive tools have effects far beyond how we communicate

and make...
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