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Market is managing profitable costumer relationship. The goal of marketing is to attract new costumers by promising superior value and to keep and grow current costumers by delivering satisfaction.

Marketin is a social process by which individuals or groups obtain what they want and need through creating and exchanging product s and value with others.

In a business context Marketing is the process by which companies create value for costumers and build strong relationship in order to capture value from costumers in return.

The aim of marketing is make selling unnecessary.

Marketing is the field of the economic science which study the desrciption of the market and the analyses of the market interactions. Is the science of discover, create and supply values in order to soddisfy needs and wants of a specific market, making a profit.

A market orientation requires organization involved in the information of costumers needs and wants and use that to build long-term relationship with costumers.

Market managament

Consists in the analyses, pianification, control of prdocuts, which have the function to make exchanges between markets. Its goal is to adapt the offer of products in respect of the market needs.

Different orientation at the market

Producation orientation:

The market is caracterize by a a strong demand compare to the offer. The unique worry of the firm is the one to reduce the cost of production, in a market where keep low price is the main thing to fight the competition.

Product orientation:

The firm is concentrated on the product tecnology rather than on the costumer. Sell orientation: We try to sell what we have produced. Is a inside-out prospective, applied in short-period an dwith products with less visibility.

Market Orientation: It consists in the comprension of the needs and wants of customers in order to produce product. Is a outside-in prospective. Is considered a proactive strategy, where the company has propositive ole in the market needs. The developing of this Orientation is the concept of Market 3.0, thas is not just anymore undesrtand the custumers need but to apply it in the enviroment.

Marketing role

Is the one to organize the voluntary exchange in order to link demand and offer. The marketing involved with consumers is called B2C ( marketin) , the marketing involved btween companies is called B2B ( industrial marketing).

A market orientation requires organization involved in the information of costumers needs and wants and use that to build long-term relationship with costumers. The ebst way to know about consumers is still communication; as web site, television, personal contact, fax, e-mail. Important to build relationship with individual costumers in order to categorize themCommunication

Encoding: Simbolyzes the message
Decoding: Interpretaion of the symboles.
Respons: reaction of receiver
Feedback to the sender
Noise: Resort in receiving a different message.

Sted in developing effective communication

-Identyfing the target oudience
-Determing the communication objective
- Designing a message.
-Collective feedback


1. Understanding market target
2. Describe a strategy focus ( market segmentation, targeting market, differentiation, positioning) 3. Promotion Mix, Integrated marketin communication, is the coordination of the main 4 activites of the promotion mix 4. CRM

5. Equity


Customer value

Is difference between total customer value and total customer cost. Satisfaction depends of the Expection on experience, friends’ opinion and marketer promises and information.
Customer satisfaction when the product respect the expectation. Value chain is diveded in 9 value activities.

-Inbaund logistic, manufacturing, outbound logistic, marketing and sales, after sales service....
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