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Who is likely to make up the buying centre in the decision to select a new supplier for Lands' End? Which of the buying centre members are likely to play the roles of users, influencers, buyers, deciders, and gatekeepers? By the definition of buying centre, which is the group of people in an organization who participate in the buying process and the people who make up the buying centre depends on the specific item being bought. according to the Lands' End company, the buying centre member who is in charge to select a new supplier is the Vice president of quality assurance Joan Mudget who is also the decider buyer and influencer and his 150 quality assurance personnel who are gathering information of supplier by visiting directly. and also the 150 quality assurance personnel are likely to play the roles of users and gatekeepers.

Which stages of the organizational buying decision process is Lands' End following when it selects a new supplier? what selection criteria does the company use in the process. Lands' End is following the alternative evaluation stage of the organizational buying decision process when it selects a new supplier. the company is looking for the long term relationship suppliers who have ability to meet the required delivery schedule and quality specification. because Lands' End believe that the term supplier does not adequately describe the importance the company places on relationship;Land's End is also providing online order service called "My virtual model" feature for online shoppers to customize their own product. the product is required 2-days-shipping after they received the order from customers.

Describe products Lands' End buyers typically buy in each of the three buying situations: straight rebuy, modified rebuy, and new buy. Straight buy is the purchase of same goods in the same quality from the same supplier made by the customer or organization. For instance, Lands' End company is buying the customized product...
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