Marketing’s Role in the Publishing Industry: the New Place for the E-Books

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Arthur Huignard

Final Research Proposal
TOPIC: Marketing’s role in the publishing industry: the new place for the e-books

1. Introduction

For the past five thousand years, the History of mankind has been saved and remembered thanks to the paper. Since around 3400 BCE, the ancient Sumer of Mesopotamia created the first letters recognized nowadays as the precursor of the writing. Therefore, human beings used to always look at books and former writings to learn about their ancestors or even novels in order to distract themselves. Later, in 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press that started the Golden Age of the Literature and saw the birth of the Publishing Industry. As we know it, for the past five centuries, physical books where the only way to read novels, to instruct ourselves and to pass on the future generations. But with the explosion of the web in the years 2000, the civilization has entered a new era for men, the digital era. As everything is now going digital despite physical, the Publishing Industry was one of the latest market that hasn’t been involved in those major changings. The film industry, the music industry, the Press Industry and many others had to adapt themselves to this new way of consumption in order to survive and the Publishing Industry will not be spared as well (Nunberg, 1996). As an answer to this new way to consume, the e-book was designed to allow its users to carry thousand of book in only one small tablet, usually fitting in a pocket. But with the world is changing as fast as it is nowadays, the Publishing Industry may not be quick enough to launch and assess e-books position in every day’s life. Therefore, in order not to enter in a terrible crisis period as many others sectors are currently facing, the Publishing Industry has to save itself through the e-books. The only way the mind could be changed quick enough regarding will be to rely completely on the marketing and its huge power of public awareness on the e-books and the modern way to read. This research will try to cover an overall vision of the current Publishing Industry, the arrival of the e-books on the market, their current position on the market, what they can bring to the reader’s experience and the major role of the marketing to make them save the declining industry.

TOPIC: Marketing’s role in the publishing industry: the new place for the e-books

The location of this research is mainly the French market because it is the one with the biggest lateness for the e-books in the developed countries. But to cover the subject I will also talk about the American e-books market that is the most advanced regarding the acceptation of the e-books by the consumers. In order to develop this topic, I will use my personal knowledge of the Publishing Industry as I worked for six months in a major French editor and six others for the second biggest French bookseller.

2. Literature Review Strategy

1) The Publishing Industry

As I started to develop it in the introduction, the Publishing Industry was basically born with Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. This statement makes sense when you keep in mind that before this invention, every physical copy of a book was the result of weeks and even months of work done by a copyist. As it was really long to get a book, it was also really expensive and very few people could afford to get one copy of a book and we couldn’t really talk about a publishing market. Therefore, for the past five centuries, a real market started to flourish, to grow and to be part of every citizen’s life thanks to the printing press. It was thanks to a human invention that the book as we know it made its place. But with the technological advances of the 90’s and 2000’s, it wouldn’t make any sense if with another invention, as great as all our digital supports, the book wouldn’t disappear year after years (Nunberg, 1993). Clearly new technologies...

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