Marketin Analysis of Nestle Bangladesh
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1. Executive Summary:

The report has been prepared as a mandatory requirement of our course MKT-101(Principle of marketing). It is the summarized outcome of what we have learned till now in the sectors Principle of Marketing.

Executive summary presents a clear vision of the report with different titles. After we identify an existing company, which is Nestle, Bangladesh. In our report we mainly deal with the new product line and deigned the packaging and leveling of the fruit juice. This report will help us to determine the in-depth information and stand out position in the market.

We sum this philosophy up in four simple words – Good Food, Good Life - reflecting in everything we do and extending beyond what we make. On our path to being the leading food, nutrition, health and wellness company, we will continue to ensure that we do everything we can to build, nurture and develop family and community wherever we are.
Today Nestle is the world’s largest food and Beverage Company with more than 250,000 employees and over 500 factories in 86 countries around the world. Our products have been available in Bangladesh.
The Nestle Company has not introduced any fruit juice. So it has decided to introduce new product line of fruit juice, which will be healthy, nutritious and delicious compare to other fruit juices in our country.
To introduce a new fruit juice in the market Nestle decided to do a good product line, high skimming price, attractive packaging and labeling to attract the consumers in a large scale.

2. Current Marketing Situation:

The current market situation of nestle is given below:

|Sales by Management Responsibilities and Geographic Area |
| |Jan.-March |Jan.-March |Real internal growth |Organic growth |
| |2006

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