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Differentiating between Market Structures
Clarence Cintron
February 18, 2014
Ashok Padhi
Differentiating between Market Structures
This paper is designed to provide information differentiating between market structures of Nike which is the leading athletic shoe and apparel company. As a consultant our firm will perform a market analysis, review competitive strategies, and make recommendations on how to maximize profits. In order for our firm to make recommendation we will achieve results by evaluating four similar organizations and their market structures. Competitive strategies will be explored within the market the organization competes. The market will accessed positively and negatively in order to evaluate the structures competitive strategies. Collectively the results will provide strategies and recommendations Nike might consider to maximize their profits. Two visionaries created an iconic brand which later became Nike. A college track coach Bill Bowerman who coached at the University of Oregon along with a middle distance runner by the name of Phil Knight created a company which later became Nike with a handshake and $500 (Nike Inc., 2014). The original company Blue Ribbon Sports hired Carolyn Davidson to design their classic “swoosh” logo in 1971. This logo was created for the price of $35 dollars and in 1972 Nike was founded (Nike Repository, 2014). In1978 Blue Ribbon Sports changed its name to Nike (Fundinguniverse, 2014). Nike has come a long way from selling athletic shoes out of the back of a car to being one of the best strategies of the way they go to business. Census states that Nike does a better job of marketing products. Nike has flooded the market for athletic shoes. Every major shoe store has more Nike shoes than any other brand. Market structure is defined by the manner in which a market is organized, based largely on the number of firms in the industry (Industry Outlook, 2014). The number of...

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