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Topics: Brazil, FIFA World Cup, Material Pages: 2 (978 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Market entry strategies are very important for every company. The fullers beer company has selected the target market, so it will choose a kind of entry mode into foreign market. Our company will choose the intermediate modes to enter the Brazils market. Contract manufacturing Fullers beer company can engage the local manufacturers to produce their products. Local manufacturer know about the Brazils beer culture, but also know the local laws. This is good for the fullers company enters foreign markets, and the company can be quickly adapted to the local culture in order to develop in the new environment. Contract manufacturing reduces fullers beer company cost on the production line. Advantage The fullers company does not need buy beer manufacturing equipment, raw materials and save on labor costs. On the raw materials, manufacturers can be quickly to identify raw material quality and extent of damage on raw material. Local manufacturers have their own raw material suppliers, which can reduce the cost of beer on the material, but also can produce the high-quality beer. On the other hand, our company can focus on sales plan about that the World Cup will be held in Brazil. Disadvantage We collaborate with local manufacturers. We will leak the brewing techniques and beer recipes. It is not benefit to compete with other beers company. In terms of quality, the manufacturer does not complete our expectations of beer products, and the quality of the beer does not make the local people are satisfied, and then the image of our company will have a huge loss. This will make the local people contradict our products. On the other hand, language barriers and cultural differences, which may cause inconvenience to communicate, and in technology and requirements may have misunderstood. 7P changes Price In UK, the fullers beer price is the 8 x 500ml bottles 17.00, GDP per capita is 39093 in 2013. In Brazil, the normal beer price is the 8 x 500ml bottles 12.00, GDP per capita is...
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