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Mitchell Burgin
Jake GilstrofCory Fox
Bryan McCullough
Pizza Hut Creative Brief
The client, Pizza Hut is trying to increase their profitability and awareness by customers in the online pizza ordering segment of the pizza industry. The online pizza ordering industry causes customers to spend more and it is an easier and faster way of ordering placement. Currently, Pizza Hut does not have an ideal number of online consumers and needs to produce an online ordering advertisement campaign to change this. This project is designed to capture the audience’s attention; portraying Pizza Hut as a convenient place to order online pizza. The opportunities in this area of the industry segment are very attractive and profitable. Studies have shown that consumers that order online are more likely to spend more money. The top three goals that this project is trying to achieve are: 1 Moving the consumers view on ordering pizza to an online approach, 2 Placing Pizza Hut into the awareness set, and 3 Showing Pizza Hut as a top competitor in this industry with high accuracy rate, higher ease of use, and better service overall. The Millenials group is the primary target for this project. This group is derived up of males and females with ages from 18-34. The main focus within this grouping is younger moms ages 18-24 with young children. They have a higher rate of purchase and they have the highest profit potential in the Millenial segment. The top competitors for Pizza Hut are: Dominoes, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars. Dominoes and Papa John’s are currently the only two from the top three competitors of Pizza Hut that provide online ordering, so they will attract the most focus in this segment. They both show the ease of use and accuracy of their products. They both provide a rewards program for loyal customers, and offer deals for ordering online. The tone that the advertisements should convey to the audience should exhibit enlightenment on the consumer’s...
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