Market Statistics India Recycling PET Industry

Topics: Strategic management, Polyethylene terephthalate, Recycling Pages: 10 (1725 words) Published: October 27, 2014
India Recycling PET Market Outlook to 2019 – Growth Led by Inclining PET Bottle Availability and Production Capacity provides a comprehensive analysis of the of the various aspects such as market size, segmentation by end uses and future projections of the Recycled Polyester staple Fiber, Polyester sheets/Films and Polyester straps. This report also offers prevalent trends and developments in India Recycling PET Industry, Government regulations, growth drivers and SWOT analysis of the Industry. The report also covers the market share of major players operating in India recycling industry for each particular segment. Moreover, the report also provides insights on the typical required investment in setting up a recycling unit taken all the possible factors into consideration. It also includes information on the major macro-economic indicators affecting the market and future outlook of the recycling PET Industry in India.

The concern for Recycled PET (RPET) has escalated in the recent years. PET bottles, which form the major market of PET packaging resin (94%), are the most important from the point of recycling. More than 90% of PET is consumed in food packaging with drinks/beverages forming almost 80% of the food packaging segment. Since drinks and beverages are consumed mostly in residential houses, railway stations, restaurants, entertainment venues, airports and other public places, the importance of organized collection and recycling of post-consumer PET bottles needs to be over emphasized.

It has been witnessed that the recycling of PET has been widely growing in India majorly during the last couple of years. Besides the markets for bottle-to-bottle recycling, more and more of PET are being used in the manufacture of fibers, PET sheets and PET straps. Currently, it has been observed that the textile fibers and filaments industries account for above ~% of the overall recycled polyester demand. Further growth in this segment is limited owing to lower profit margins, which are augmenting the usage of recycled PET into the food and nonfood containers, industrial yarn, mono filaments, strapping, film, sheet, and building materials such as foam boards which are becoming the targeted end markets for recycled PET flakes.

India Recycling PET Industry includes Recycled PET Staple Fiber, Recycled PET straps and Recycled PET Sheets/Films. In FY’2013, driven by the growing demand for PET flakes as well as surge in the production of fibers and sheets, has increased the recycled PET market revenues by ~% compared to FY’2012. This positioned the market revenues at INR ~ million, which escalated in the successive year to INR ~ million, by growing at an annual growth rate of 29.9% relative to FY’2013.

The recycling PET industry in India has been largely dominated by the PET Staple fiber segment which contributed massive share of ~% in the overall revenues of the recycling industry during FY’2014. The staple fiber segment has traditionally dominated the recycling PET industry both in terms of production volume and revenue. In terms of revenues, Polyester sheet has been the second largest market of the recycled PET industry which contributed a nominal share of ~% during FY’2014. The reason for contributing a low share has been primarily due to PET sheets being a quality sensitive product wherein the producers largely use virgin polyester in order to manufacture PET sheets/films. PET Straps has been the third largest market of recycled PET Industry in terms of revenues, while it has been the second largest market in terms of production volume. PET Straps contributed a smaller share of ~% during FY’2014 due to the fact that the production of PET strap has been relatively lower. The recycling PET industry in the future is anticipated to follow the same momentum by growing at a sizeable CAGR of ~% during the period FY’2014-FY’2019 and will post the sales worth INR ~ million by FY’2019. Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF)...
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