Market sizing - Craft beer in Mexico

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Market sizing - We estimated around 3,850 potential home brewers in Mexico City. The calculations are based on benchmarks from the US market (AHA – American Home Brewers Association), and information about Mexico’s demographics and its beer industry.

Superior Hops – Market analysis: American Home Brewers Association:

Event to announce Partnership with Grupo Cinbersol - We were pleased to announce our partnership with Grupo Cinbersol during an event we host together with Grupo Cinbersol at Sub777, the main restaurant from the Group, for 500 participants. Both parties used personal networks to build a list of guests interested in brewing beer as well as in developing this industry. Among our guests, media related to the Beer and food industry were present (Donde Ir, Chilango, Reporte Indigo, etc.), as well as members of several home brewers associations (Asociacion Nacional de Creadores de Cerveza Artesanal, ACERMEX, Cerveza Mexico), government institutions focused to foster start-ups (Nacional Financiera), and specialized retailers (El Deposito, The Beer Box,, etc.). The event cost $30,000 distributed 50-50 among the parts, including the fee for using Cinbersol’s space. During the event we announced the partnership’s main goals. Additionally, we took advantage of the event to reach craft brewers interested in increasing their current production capacity, gather information regarding the main drivers to outsource beer production, main attributes in a manufacturer and main gaps in the current industry.

Donde Ir Magazine:
Chilango Magazine:
Reporte Indigo Portal:

Asociacion Nacional de Creadores de Cerveza Artesanal: Cerveza Mexico:
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