Market Selection and Entry Mode

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Cristal Corporation
International Marketing
Executive Summary
This report analyses how Cristal Corporation chose the United Kingdom as its European lauchpad for its MCristal mobile phone. MCristal phones use the Near Field Technology (NFC) to enable cashless money transaction. Cristal Corporation chose to do a Strategic Alliance with T-mobile to overcome some amount of foreign market hurdles. The company also needs to partner with large retail chains like Tesco, Aldi, and with the airline companies etc. to invest in NFC interface machines. The report also analyses the company’s marketing mix of product, price, promotion and place. Table of Content

In today’s world of highly paced environment with a constant need to be in the frontline of technological advances, owing the newest mobile phones with the latest features is a must have that people line up for hours to get. The product that I am going to introduce is currently focused and available in Japan with European countries and USA trying hard to replicate the same success in their own countries. The name of the product is the M-Pay enabled Cristal mobile phones, simply called MCristal. The product, although based on the use of real technology, is fictional. M-Pay uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC works with short range frequency that gives a signal from, in this case, the customers mobile phone to another terminal (3). With this technology, via M-Pay, one can pay for goods and services cashlessly, by MCristal. The mobile phone will have a chip inserted in it that will store debit card, credit card information and/or prepaid voucher card on it. It will have a £200 pounds per transaction limit. You could use the mobile phone to pay for wide range of purposes from paying for groceries to paying for a plane ticket. All one will have to do is, touch the mobile phone on the cash-less payment point, insert a four digit personal pin number on the mobile phone to approve and complete the transaction. (2) The idea behind the creation of the MCristal is that there is a higher chance of leaving your wallet behind than your cell phone. This product from the fictional Japanese technology giant: Cristal Corporation. This company, founded in the 1979 has grown rapidly into one of the forerunners of technology in the 21st century. Not only has it invented technology to ease the everyday life of individuals but it also uses new technology to create new software and new products. Its cell phone range, with its latest features, rival that of Sharp and Panasonic in Japan. It now wants to introduce its range of MCristal phones in the European Market. This report will analyse which country Cristal Corporation should focus on launching its phones, how it should enter the market and how it should handle its marketing mix. Country Selection

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Stage One: All countries
Since the company Cristal Corporation wants to introduce its MCristal phone in Europe, we start with a list of all the 27 member states of the European Union. Out of these countries, we will narrow it down to those countries that have a mobile cell subscription of more than 10,000,000, whose per capita income is more than $30,000 a year and whose urban population is more than 5,000,000. Stage Two: Priliminary screening: Macro Analysis

After narrowing it down, we are left with 8 countries: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (Appendix). At this stage, we should do a preliminary screening taking into account the macro criteria of social, legal, political, economic, technological and environmental influences on the outcome. Below is the ideal pestle for the ideal country. Ideal Pestle for the Ideal country

The country that we are focusing on should have a high materialistic culture where individuals attach values to products and where people are perceived to have...
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