Market Segmentation: Profile, Psychographic, Behavioral

Topics: Ice cream, Marketing, Ben & Jerry's Pages: 3 (710 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Market segmentation:
We divided the market segmentation criteria into 3 main groups:

Segmentation criteria


-disponible Income:
-more than average disponible income
-less than average disponible income

-luxury orientated
-value orientated

benefits soughts:
- price conscious
- quality conscious
- image conscious
- ethical conscious

-urban area
-non urban area
Buyer habits:
-little grocery stores
-others (like f.e. cinema, restaurant…)

-responsible consumers attracted by organic food, fair trade value and social engagement -others
Brand Loyality:
-strong / week

X,Y,Z or (0-3; 3-15; 15-35; older)
-household composition:
-single household
-two person household
-families with children


Disponible Income: The Food expenditures are dependant from the available household Income. Moreover mostly the Importance of the price is decreasing with an increasing household Income. Therefore people with a more than average disposal income should be attractive for premium ice sellers and super premium ice sellers with higher product prices. In contrast to the much higher prices of super premium ice cream, “Low-Cost” Ice Creams producers can attract - with often small margins and bigger volumes- People with an low disposable Income or people with an higher Income who do not feel attracted by the additional benefits of an premium or super premium ice product. In general the premium Ice-seller will have to focus on much smaller customer groups, so called niches with an more specific Marketing than the Low-cost ice cream producers. Household composition: In dependence of the household composition you can define different needs and different average levels of purchasing powers. Working singles for example have the highest purchasing power amongst all...
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