Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

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Mhd Mouafak Alomari
Assignment: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
Strayer University
Dr. Joel Nwagbaraocha
Wednesday 04/19/2011

“My Teacher”:

Introduction and identification

“My Teacher” is a new service that made on the concept of helping, graduate or international student in the United States to develop and improve his educational career when he feels that he is under leveled or he lacks the ability of staying on the same level of his colleagues, and have the desire to increase his GPA, by obtaining the professional help of our staff that contains expert professors and educators, The main three ways to help our customers – the students- are to conduct special private courses for the required methods in one of the company’s branches, and conduct E-classes on the website for students in other geographical areas, and helping our student to manage their time to schedule the right time to study, work and free time to take a rest. Marketing segmentation:

Because students are our customers, the marketing segment will be identified depending on a combination of demographic, geographic, psychological, and behavioral segmentation, Market segments:

Ages, economical and educational segmentation of our students will be divided to three segments: * 14-17 years old are the high school students which they are the lowest educational level and mostly they are not able to make the decision to obtain our services because their financial resource is their parents, and in these ages students are not willing to attend any classes outside their school, they prefer to practice some kind of sports a hobby outside the school times, which means that this segment is not very promising. * 18-23 years old are the undergraduate students which they are the moderate educational level and some of them have already start their professional career or internships, a part of this level of student have their own financial income and others have financial aids or financial sponsors, most of the student at this age have also a lot of time to study and they prefer to hang out or practice their hobbies outside the school time, which means that also this segment is not very promising. * 24 years old and older are the graduate students which they are the highest educational level, most of them have already got involved and started their professional career and some of them are experts, the graduate students could be the segment we should focus on because they are spending a lot time during their jobs and they might need our help services when they absent many classes or they do not have the time to study, they also have a good financial resources because they have a consistent income. * International student: most of them are students who have a good economical level what allows them to come to the U.S, they completed their undergraduate degrees in their countries and they are seeking a higher and a better quality of education in the U.S because of its very good reputable colleges, international student are usually facing difficulties in two challenges: they are not used to the teaching and educational system in the U.S and the other challenge is the language skills for the students whom their mother language is not English, this segment look very promising because of its customers are facing major difficulties any they probably will need our service and because they have a good financial resources.

Target market:

After the international economic crisis, finding a good job in the business field become very challenging, and people are aggressively competing to find the best working career, or even sometimes finding any job that insure a good standard of living, in order to achieve that aim, people know that the most important and required factor is the higher education they can possibly get.

Last decade, numbers of higher education student increased with a percentage of more than 100% around the world, and the...

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