Market Revolution

Topics: Rail transport, Rural area, Mississippi River Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Many things led to the Market Revolution. The Market Revolution was the changing of our country from buying other countries products to producing our own. The Market Revolution helped make America a better country because of new inventions that helped us ship goods easier, the American system, and government support. Inventions helped lead America into the Market Revolution. The way that inventions helped us is that they increased how much we could ship, how fast we could ship and it decreased the cost of shipping which would leave more room for profit. Some of the important inventions were the steam boat and rail road. The steam boat was important because it allowed us to travel up rivers like the Mississippi so that you could sell more products. Another important invention was the railroad. This was important because it allowed us to cut shipping cost. Also it moved faster than wagon and let us ship all over the country. The American system was important to the market revolution. The American system built roads and canals. These were important because they made it easy to transport goods and let you ship to far distances. For example the Erie Canal allowed you to ship from places like Michigan into New England. It also cut the prices down of shipping up to 95%. Government support was important to the market revolution. It was important because if you did not have the government supporting a market economy then the country would be more farms then factories. Also with the population growing rapidly then more products would be needed and factories would be placed in cities. If the government wanted rural areas instead of cities then they would have a hard time producing because there would be to high of a demand and not enough workers. The market revolution was key to America because we were growing rapidly. Without a strong market economy we would have been overwhelmed because we could not support the population with just Britain’s products. So increasing our...
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