Market Revoltution and Its Influence to a Mcaulticultrual Ameri

Topics: United States, Mexico, Immigration to the United States Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Market Revolution and its influence to a Multicultural America. Ronald Takaki retells the American history from the bottom up, through the lives of many minorities. The stories of many ethnical groups who helped create America’s mighty economy and rich culture, in his book, A Different Mirror. All these indigenous people were a part of what America is today, a more multicultural country. These peoples were looking for a better life, and they helped create a concrete backbone for America’s economic structure. This led to the rise ‘market revolution’, which changed America culturally. The revolution was good for America, but for the immigrants, it was abysmal. They were not viewed as Americans, despite their efforts to make America what it is today. We will see as the Irish were deprived of their land, coming to the land of the free in search for a better life, how they later marginalize the Mexicans. The Market revolution opened the way to making America more multicultural but not all cultures were equal. The Market Revolution opened the way of making an ever more multicultural America. The demand for labor led to the massive influx of laborers from Ireland, the incorporation of Mexicans with the annexation of the Southwest territories, and then the migrations of the Chinese to America. As the economy grew, so did the movement of people resulting in a process of globalization which was driven by a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors. Economically it was affirmative, in that the country benefited a great deal financially as the economy was booming with the cotton kingdom. Cotton production ushered America into “the take-off years that transformed America into a highly complex industrial economy” (72). On the other hand, as it was constructive economically, politically it was not so good. The revolution created a paradoxical issue that all people are equal but not equal to be an American citizen. The Founding...
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