Market Response of New Launch Product

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Page No
1. Acknowledgement 3
2. Certificate from facality guide 4
3. Certificate from industry guide5
4. Executive Summary6
5. Statement of the problem7
6. Theoretical concept8
-Research methodology16
-Sample design19
7. Data collection20
8. Scope of the study22
9. Limitation22
10. Company Profile 23
11. Industry profile36
12. Strategic & creative use of SWOT analysis40
13. Analysis of Data & Graphics 43 14. Conclusion 56
15. Suggestion58
16. Bibliography 59
17. Questionnaire 60


Words, like the real things are depicting, but have their own handicaps. They shall never beable to pierce the gamut of emotions that are suddenly laid bare, that are suddenly exposed during the routine of our life. They never be able to describe the spirit of cooperation with which we worked together, nor shall they ever be able to express the feeling we feel towards guide. With great pleasure, I extend my deep sence of gratitude towards my project head Mr. Manish Kumar Dangwal. Under whose valuable guidance, constant interest and encouragement which have devoted his ever-precious time from his busy schedule and thus in completing the project. His cooperation is not only useful for this project but will be a constant source of inspiration for me in future life. Last but not the least; I would like to thank the entire staff member VARUN BEVERAGES PRIVATE LIMITED for the help extended by them in the Successful completion of this project.

Certificate from Faculty Guide

This is to certify that Mr. Neeraj Kumar (Roll No. 7021220627), a student of the MBA has successfully completed his summer project titled “Market response of the launch of new slice” for the period from May 2008 to July 2008. This project is submitted to Prof. Mr.Taranjeet Singh in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of MBA. The project is submitted following my approval and satisfies the rules and guidelines defined by B.C.E.T. for the project.


To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. NEERAJ KUMAR, Roll no. 7021220627of MBA is a beneficed regular student of BHUTTA COLLEGE OF ENGG. & TECHNOLOGY, LUDHIANA for session 2007-2009. He has complete the summer training project entitled “MARKET RESPONSE OF THE LAUNCH OF NEW SLICE” In the organization “VARUN BEVERAGES LIMITED”GREATER NOIDA for the partial fulfillment for the award of MBA degree under PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, JALANDER. The research report is satisfactory


The beverage sector is a well established industry in India.but there are only two majorplayers in this industry with so many brand,size and taste. Pepsi is leader in Indian market especially in the areas under my study. Almost in every channel Pepsi has an edge over its one and only competitor,Coca-Colabut still a lot of work needed to capitalize and increase its market share by increasing the stock in outlets. The areas of major concern are improper and untimely supply of products, reluctance of company’s officials to visit the market frequency, supply of the brand. But several steps have to be taken to consolidate and increase its market Share in that area. Company should try to increase more and more stocks of Its brand in restaurant and eatery shops because people are very less concern About a particular brand and people drink any soft drink irrespective of their preferred brand and restaurant and eatery...
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